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The only thing they're usa for to some degree is social media. And even then. I'm just like i don't fucked light companies. Maybe like us devi radio navy. They matter i don't know other than that. Yeah no. I'll be only matter for branding. That's all exactly and i mean i'm not trying to brand myself because somebody's already making money somewhere. It's called the government fucking. I wish i was at goddamn whatever foul. She is making twice as much as the god. Damn president sitting there flagging killing people's ears full of nothingness and contradictions like anyway. That's that's his political. As i'm getting and i swear to god there's any politics and the news. I'm shutting the shutdown. Kill it now. I will pull the fucking. Don't test blame the messenger so chris. How was your week. Why didn't follow up any stairs. Let's good good. I'm glad to hear what the wind blew. mo say. I'm glad to hear that. Because i heard the wind was bad there this this week. It is going to be this week too so now. But you know what's going on with me. But i'll give i'll give the others A brief overview so i am switching careers Trion and hope trying anyway. I'll kind of forced to So i will be switching careers. It's just. I'm trying to specific company that i It'll be a big change But in the end. I think it'll work out if if i am lucky. Enough to land this position Pretty hectic and and crazy and exciting and scary and everything else week for me Next week will be more of the same. All you put up with in twenty twenty one alone. Yes i mean. I got ahead to you and you got going on at home. The street you got going on your job and all the other show you got going on on top of that with all your other stuff projects and a lot like now you guys see how i feel and i just think you're all day go out in public but i've got it me because i get to sit here all day and sleep. That's that's some people. Perceived forgot about that not been asked that in a while so good. Yeah he doesn't sleep. I know right. It's like that's the opposite of what you do. I actually think a message. Chris one morning like five or six years. I'm headed out the door to work during. I'll catch in a minute. Actually at that time. I probably would have been coming home. I've been working overnights. Well this was a while ago. Before so as i say i've been on vacation and i think my messengers gone off at three thirty every morning. This week i don't think it's been every morning i mean just about. I know six is complaining. 'cause he's sleeping so seven yeah. He was complaining when we last a. Why isn't he here. he was like man. I slept and slept until now but over going to sleep around thirty nine. I'm like that's good. But yeah i know is bothering him. But i'm like it's probably because they did the injection and his knee and god that his age and health problems on top of all that with every goes on day to day basis. I'm like dude. You're gonna go to sleep early. Trust me then. i mean like before. He got the injection. I know he wasn't sleeping because he like wake up screaming. Not even remember league still has nights where he wakes up screaming but that's because his his other knee is going to again. Age is playing a big factor in it and to wear steel. You guys have a bra bra of the operations own you guys. It's just exhausting on him. And i'm not saying that. He's getting restful sleep but he's gonna sleep a lot more than he did two years ago. Yeah it's definitely not restful tell you that i'm very take difficult. I feel his pain. People ask relationship. Well i here the horst burgis. Well not only that you're najan. Could you imagine if i was with a woman and she had a newborn like within the next nine months the amount of sleep that girl would get would be non flooding existence. Between me and the baby. She would get no rest whatsoever like at all. I hear someone. yeah no. I mean the be a nurse. Fourteen hours a year. I am not paying the hundred of thousands of dollars for years to come sit twenty four hours a day or a babysitter for that matter fucked. That noise like no people. Thickener are cheap. No it's not even with no medicaid. It's not anyway i mean. Stop talking on her. Goddamn ideas you are. I remember like last year one of those friends. She was like we could always get a nurse. And i was like you're gonna pay for it because i know about moving in together shit when she moved back up here and i was like. Are you gonna pay for a nurse. Because i sure as fuck him not because the. Va only supplies. A fourteen hour nurse per year. She was like what does that mean. I said fourteen hours altogether per year. She went what i want. Yeah said really she said. That's that's yeah. There's there's fifty two weeks in the year fair sixty five days. You got a total of fourteen hours. So that's how many hours a day really.

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