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My wife will say it was only about forty five minutes. Felt like three hours days right so we found the sectional that we wanted. But now we're going back and forth colors and materials and there comes a point. I don't know if this is all men but the cirque this is certainly men like me with low attention spans. And you see it. You know you make a decision. You're gone you're gone. I could go to a shopping mall. Spent ten minutes in there. I find exactly what i want to buy. You're not you're done now not so much not so much with this couch. So it's adam what he think this color. I said i like that color but if you want this color and now we're now it's a whole thing i can see. The salesman is getting a little riled up he is short of saying just select an effing cholerae. I could see it in his eyes. Read body language facial you michelle. No kid right nola kids where there too and they were great. Because we're like. What do you think of this couch and for them. It's am. I comfortable enough while i'm on social media and play games on my phone there on the couch the whole time you play up doing exactly what doing just all their phones. Aden's greatest his feet up autumn. It doesn't matter. He's got his sneakers on his made himself at home. Great couch feels good like the material and then you look up. their eyes were securely fixed. That annette phone so they were fine and salesman's getting a little a little hot and bothered me sees the money. We're you just throw dark. Run down for my contrast and we've got pictures of our living room. Think we've got white walls and hardwood is the big time decision. I mean this is not some small businesses to live with released years longer. I got more than an education about how this is a big decision. Yeah and it's gonna impact your home. You live longer raspy couch for seventeen years. And i've lived. Just hey. do not do not call that couch crappy that is not a crappy couch all yours. Coach them telling us at listeners. You have to understand this. This couch is the classic couch. We just sit in it absorbs. You cannot help the comfort. And i'm done i'm.

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