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Radio. Thirty nine degrees at twelve noon. Good afternoon. I'm Doug cope. Here's what's happening. President Trump associate Roger stone reigned in Florida. Let's get an update now from ABC news. President Trump's longtime political adviser Roger stone expected to speak at some point this hour now free on two hundred fifty thousand dollars bond after being indicted this morning by special counsel. Robert Muller stone, charged with lying to congress tampering with witnesses and obstructing the special counsel probe ABC's chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas has more on the finally this is about Roger stone reaching out to WikiLeaks trying to get information allegedly hacked by the Russians. The other key is that he apparently kept some senior campaign officials aware of his efforts regarding WikiLeaks, and they wanted regular updates which he allegedly provided, but there's no allegation of collusion work stone or any of these campaign officials are accused of directly working with the Russians. But this could be the first hint that the Russia investigation is nearing its conclusion. President Trump on Twitter said impart greatest witch hunt in the history of our country. No collusion. As attorney said the indictment today does not alleged Russian collusion by Roger stone or anyone else? Brian Clark ABC news. And of course, we'll keep you. Updated on this developing story throughout the day today. And of course, you can also follow this iheart radio app. Well, a lack of air controllers air traffic controllers affecting the nation's air system, the FAA had temporarily halted flights into LaGuardia Airport due to staffing issues because of the partial federal government shutdown at ground stop as they call. It lasted about an hour that is over now, but it has affected air traffic at several other airports including Logan airport in Boston. And that's where we find WBZ's Karyn regal and she joins us now. Karen, how does it look there? Call it the ripple effect. You have a couple of delays here. A number of delays. Let's call it. If you're looking at the delay the rival and departure board, Doug. You can see those delays in yellow and red some flights leaving several hours late because of what happened on the ground at LaGuardia at Newark in Philly in a couple of other airports that were also affected again by this ripple effect. I've talked to a couple of people one woman notably who was delayed here in Boston because of weather earlier this week she was finally able to get a plate out. She's going home to Virginia guess where she's flying through Doug's through LaGuardia. He is hoping to get home at some point this month. That's Ford says it is monitoring the situation, and they are urging people please call Ed call ahead and check with your airline to see where you may be playing out of when you might be flying out reporting live from Logan. Karyn regal WBZ NewsRadio to Karen, good luck to air travelers. And this is another story. We'll be following throughout the day. Some seven thousand federal workers here in Massachusetts are affected by the federal government, shutdown congresswoman, Laurie Trahan y. Wants to make sure they have a safety net important that we we do whatever possible to make sure that these men and women get the benefits that they need. So that they no longer have to make the trade off between subscription drugs and putting food on the table for their families. She's introduced a Bill guaranteeing the furloughed workers will get unemployment benefits coming up has he violated terms of his plea agreement..

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