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And then depending on what. Their policy is the risks changes. I then create matrix which is okay the have some contractual clauses. The don't they have a policy which seems to be you know. close enough. you know they. They want to subpoena or something like this. So that gives them a score of this then we look at. What's the type of day to the process saying the sensitivity of it the amount of it and give a score against that and then we put a settlement of her critical. Is this to the business. And is there another supply that we could use easily. Could we switch the map to easily. And that gives a large matrix off the back of that. We made the business decision or other. The business does. Because i don't of saying based on this school we will continue with this provider. We won't continue with this one. We will continue with this one and on the hall has only been a couple of small providers that have been changed with the white lines. Most of them would be able to cape. We didn't have to document why we keeping them so that we've addressed in other. That's a very simple and structure very similar to what i'm using anyhow. It's very structured and idea is to give business the risks on a page off in a few slides saying this this and either accepted or then make choices exactly exactly and talking about then another thing. Rich kind of we don't want to dock brexit. I mean what. I recommend to your clients in terms of brexit. Because nothing off with some are some of these. Things are clear but some of the things are not so clear. You can go the either extreme. You will be third-country and then prepare all dina. Wait and watch. What are you so we are making sure we know what data traffic says. We have coming from europe. Said that we're ready to put down contractual clauses in if we need to So at the moment that's Be prepared Obviously there isn't adequately agreement. Those things what matter are passing doting. There will be in time if there is a very. Gb is about why there is one but there is there is. we're looking at all the processing data of european individuals of do they have a location in your report. And if they don't do the death all need knee representative you'd if it's not occasional processing A were they actually better creating entity in europe which is a big question at the moment. She know the concept of establishment in europe. You know doesn't have to be significant not establishment. It has to be doing something but not a huge amount and it may well end up being better company to do that than have any representation because e representation still isn't clear whether liability lies whether the controller predecessor. so looking at that what else. I do have a checklist. But i can't remember everything but it's very much those things that the big ones that we're looking at. I think the simple messages. You can't solve it right now but you can be ready to solve it knowing what other things to change. What are the things to look at. Because at that moment you don't stop on. We have because then you'll take another six hundred needs to find out while now is a good time to make that inventory. Yeah this will say the fact. You know that things aren't expected to happen on day one. Yes we post will be ready for january. The fast is the is going to do anything about probably not possible that the other european..

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