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Convenience store. This is near thirty sixth street and Thomas officers caught up with a suspect down the road. And that's where they say that he pulled out some kind of a metal object. He starts swinging at officers actually hitting one of the police officers another officer, then shot the suspect and that suspect died at the hospital. All right. So this is the forty third police officer involved shooting with the Phoenix police department, and I feel like every day when this when we talk about this. It doesn't happen every day. Don't get me wrong. But forty-three there's certainly a lot. I feel that when an incident like this happens we have to come on the air and talk about the actual shooting just to show you that the police did the right thing, and they're not just waving their guns around trying to kill people because that's what some people who aren't very bright, by the way. That's what some people think that the Phoenix police department. Oh, they're crazy. Oh, they're way too tough. No, they're not doing a good job. And by the way, this story. You've got a guy who is trying to hurt a police officer. He's brawling with them. There was a second officer starts brawling with that guy. Hey, they tried to get him to stop. He didn't what are you gonna do? What do you do? You. Do exactly what the police did. Again. What are you supposed to do in that situation? Well, the cop is trying to get you to comply you keep attacking the officer that that's a total game changer right there. Right. The other day we were talking about the Phoenix police department. How they killed a man I think it was the forty second. Now, we have the forty third. Well that man was near the highway. He had a gun. He had already shot a couple of bullets either in the air or towards traffic. There were businesses that were still open at that time of night people walking by and he had a gun, and he wouldn't put it down. And he's waving it around and the police shot and killed him. And that's the right thing to do why. Because if you're in the car with your kid on that highway, and the police don't shoot and kill that guy. That guy can turn around and shoot a bullet right into the kitchen the head. What if this guy kills an innocent victim? That's just trying to drive home. We would be railing the cops of why didn't you take him out of the deal? Right. So we'll we'll always give you the story. Sometimes the cops are wrong. Sometimes they're wrong. They're not perfect. But now we have the forty third officer involved shooting of the year here in Phoenix. And this guy last night didn't walk away. And there's a reason he didn't walk away. Not only didn't he walk away. I started attacking right? Once you start attacking a cop. I mean it game over. I mean, I don't know what else you do. So that is let's see out of forty three officer involved shootings of the year. We've got another couple of weeks. Paul Penzone Maricopa County sheriff we're told us the other day. Hey who knows next year? They might have ten and not forty-three. You just never know. And I thought that was interesting. You're listening to the big four at four. We bring you four big blockbuster stories. We still have big story three and four to go. All right. Ashley flood is in for Becky Lynn today on Arizona's news station..

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