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Years. Were fantastic there at memphis and i went to every single one of them a matter of fact. I think the mayor race was going on. We held a sign up gene bartolomeo. Yeah i i remember seeing that picture. he was such a wonderful guy and We became very close when he took over. I mean he was in birmingham before. I got therapy but not much. And that is a remarkable story. I i I will never forget this call. I can't thank you enough. What one last thing you know. I literally cried. Whenever memphis beats ole miss or or tennessee. It it's just. It's you know scott. My first memory of a rivalry was Going to i think it was the liberty ball Because memphis ole miss was the first game of every season and memphis state. Now it's the university of memphis of course but memphis fans hated ole miss. I mean with a passion and it was. I mean i do remember an occasional victory but not many and use the we usually held up. The scientist said go to hell all right. I do remember those. No it was I mean yeah. I mean it was ingrained in us That oldness was the Was immortal enemy yes. Well it's been a pleasure. I don i got through. I appreciate you taking my god. I can't thank you enough and I counts work. Your parents would just treated me With utmost kindness. Well that i mean again. I don't want to sound like a kid remembering my my parents from yesteryear. But i can't thank you enough that this point in my life. I don't hear much about my parents anymore sincerity. My dad's been gone since not long after you saw him and my mother has been going awhile to thank you so much. Ub be well. Thank you wow. I that it doesn't get much more dramatic anyway we're up against the the break here so i don't wanna go to another caller let me We've had quite a program with clinton yates and you heard and bill with coaching and many many more guests The nfl goes into effect. Tomorrow night so you can imagine The rest of the week. There will be a great deal of conversation about that tomorrow. A former notre dame quarterback who's going into the business. We're coming back one more hour to go..

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