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Partial footprints rural side like i did but i went caused by shoot police believe after enduring through the back door the kileh took off their shoes allowing them to creep up on the bedroom more quietly the sohn's were pointing to a level of planning and premeditation but in the immediate aftermath of the murder there was no clue why anyone would want catherine and georgina dead the vicious attacks in the dead of the noise in a quiet and sykes town wrote a lot of media attention early reports said that our hacked to death this will be heading gery's thought to be caused by shop heavy object with the only suggestion bang than it could have been an ax so from the very first day the krahns were referred to as the cara axe murders but other reports also suggested a make leiva a tomahawk or a machete could also of course the injuries but examination showed otherwise due to the severity of the blows the killer left indentation on the wooden bed frame showing that the weapon was luckily a blunt todd solid object while qatar not an ax they were bludgeoned to death to postmortem examinations determined that catherine and georgina daud as a result of severe head injuries respiratory failure and blood loss catherine suffered lacerations to her forehead and scalp and defensive wounds to her hands georgina suffered severe lacerations to her mouth neck android sort of ahead and she had more than a defensive wounds to the back of a hands.

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