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Be not the case of doping right now so because they all the dog and they want to get this slight edge on their competitors but imagine nobody would have thought okay no i'm not going to train at all i'm just going to train is such says and i'm going to beat us and both they would never work so they do that as enhances but you can you know you can resume its substances you can put some some time for people who suffer from epilepsy you have to find out the some place in the brain when you can put some 'electoral so to neutralise defeats now while doing that you have to look so you open the the scout and you put some really trying to try to find the area that would prevent an epileptic fit while doing soul the sad this found that sometimes they put the detroit in particular area antipathy trailed by police like the never affecting their life leca unbelievable lease take out the lake trod bohm it's gone to put it it'd be next within seconds defeated there's no need for me to be in this world it's obvious to them they won't like they would commit suicide in one minute dickov come back so there you could do that you could put substances in the brain but just dr die are like x is saw stimulation of the brain but there's no neural plasticity the moment with dickov the the trigger the dragged the electoral fraud the this is gone so it doesn't replace training at all because training bring subotic complete restructuration of several areas of the brain not only one area that is sort of muscle up but the way the connectivity with others area is change so basically you are changing the brain is incredibly complex way that never any size a specific substance all stimulation of feedback would ever do.

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