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She fought for months to get recognition as the dances creator and while she waited she saw white tick talk. Influencers get propelled to internet stardom using her moves. What happened to delay. It wasn't the first time black. Creators didn't receive credit for their work but in the dance challenge scene. It's definitely one of the biggest over. The past year has been growing tension between tick talk and black creators. in two thousand twenty several craters alleged that tic talk was suppressing content about the black lives. matter protests and george floyd's death and recently took creator is digging tyler meaty shocking discovery when he tried to update his bio on tick talks creator marketplace. Which is a part of the app where influencers like ziggy connect with brands to get sponsorship deals. Here's why i'm frustrated. If i go into the crater marketplace on i put supporting white supremacy and i hit except it's okay but god forbid let me put black lives matter around their watch. It's a threat. Boom inappropriate content. Can't say that. I cannot say black people. This is my screen recording. And this is why i'm pissed the fuck off. We're tired we're tired. The events have left many of the apps. Black craters feeling marginalized and disrespected june. Talk content creator eric. Lewis posted video that for many symbolize the beginning of what has been dubbed the hashtag black talk strike. Eric sat down with one of our producers. Genesee mocha to break down the events that inspired the strike. And how this is more than just a tick tock strike for black ears. It's a labor strike. have you done any podcast interviews. I did one. That was actually the one i did before this interview And then i have another one contender boots with forgot which is not reliever. Go of me but are you a very. You're coming up next month. Twenty fifth of august. Nice i'm eleo. Yes on june eighteenth you created a video and it was set to meghan the stallions thought shit which you know. The song is made for talk right. The chorus told you what to do hands on my knees shaking. Adam i thought shit and actually making sounds way cooler. Which is someone. Tell me a little bit about the video. so basically. The video was uploaded the night prior to june team two hours before midnight. I basically captured today so the thong In the caption under an exit onto gotta need nobody stealing credit age and it was two megan shit and I go on video. you know. See me kind of seems. Like i'm about to us to move and then Is the bdo gets to end. I stick my middle finger up. And i think the caption read. The app would be nothing without black people and had the middle seniors and me walk camera. condescendingly that was just my way of saying i'm i'm not giving a damn not giving all contents of like appropriate in with and feel giving me credit which ironically had. Anyway i had had these two girls. Your girls see my video in copy dat little teaser movement. That little jumping thing. I did with the middle finger and then up getting one point three million hughes off it. How much after how much. After though it was twenty three hours and within that gave me one point two billion views are doing that one little movement i give them. I'm they didn't credit me my comments until people in my comments that are going to dare you me. They tied me in comments. Slavery hours after a and then deleted it. maybe twenty minutes after And we're just like Well he wasn't. It wasn't really a dance. It seemed was joking now. It wasn't even a dance. It wasn't even at dance with the is giving kista door. It's literally what you were like commenting on right and this actually happens. Your life example at all it was in danger. Lots hamilton easy like all the genevieve getting inventions. Two girls go on and like the little goose who gave them so. I definitely want to get back to talking about specific video. Because i know it's one of the first videos that we've seen that really kicked off you know the blackhawks strike before we get there. I would love to know a little bit more about you. Can you tell me a little bit about where you grew up. And what was your childhood. Like i was wounded into new york. Brooklyn be and i subsequently moved from new york at the age of around four or five. Don't you georgia state. In georgia was raised their forbid and then moved on to florida any growing up in florida. I went to an art school off throughout middle high school. Where idea and so. I am actually a professional dancer even.

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