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This is the one that's my favorite photo. I love that photo is just to spark in his eyes. I remember he always referred to me is my little sister and once years and years ago, I won a Snow White contest. I was singing, and he was telling everybody about my little sister who won the Snow White contest. And it was getting a little bit embarrassing after point. That's how he introduced me Betty cork, captain, John steals younger sister. She sits in an immaculate white living room with her daughter. Julie John's framed photo is on the side table next to Betty's chair. They still use his nickname, Jack gentleman, Jack, which really was the way Jack was there was about nine years difference in our ages. But we were nevertheless, very close. If you can take us back to sort of the the summer of nineteen sixty five I was around thirty three we were just in our living room stunning up. Now that time we didn't have televisions we just had radio and I heard on the radio Canadian Pacific. So I was think oh what's happened. There's been a an accident at one hundred mile house, and I said the captain, John. They set. Steal course. Almost collapsed because nobody had told us it. Nobody told us that he'd been killed. I remember I wanted to just run. And there was a big field behind us. All I wanted to do was go out the door and just run run run. But my husband at the time grabbed me and held me very tight to come down. So he held me in that grip for about five minutes. Ten minutes to three -ality set him. What had happened? Nobody came out and spoke about how they feel. It was just wasn't done. I just felt helpless because I didn't know what to do Julie Betty starter sits across from us. She was just ten years old when the crash happened and the tragedy was that it never to happen because this unknown person whoever it is or was to this day has gone undetected. And I personally believe that the person who to detonated that are responsible was not on the plane. I believe it was somebody else..

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