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Tuesday's midterm elections. Both President Trump and former President Obama will be back on the campaign trail today. CBS news with more next high school parents in Texas concerned after a racist video goes viral. I'm Clayton Neville, the most popular part of toys. R us is making a comeback of sorts. I'm Kerry shoemaker. Good morning. I'm Jacky page for WWE NewsRadio nine fifty. CBS news updates mid term elections. This Tuesday, Democrats poised to retake control of the house of representatives. Democrats go into Tuesday in position to take control. Even if narrowly so right now, they would get to two twenty five. That's just a few seats over the to eighteen that they would need to win. There's a margin of error on that estimate, and that leaves a very plausible scenario in which Republicans retained control of the house CBS news director of elections and surveys Anthony Salvanto on CBS face the nation. Democrats are rely on this kind of cocktail which is a heavy amount of turnout. New voters people who haven't shown up in mid terms before with a dash of persuasion, and that's a few. It's less than one in ten people who voted for Donald Trump in two thousand sixteen going over and voting for a democrat for the house this year if most of them come back to the Republican party, the Republicans hold the house. The Democrats fall short CBS news update. I'm Jim Taylor. Angeles need to w w j NewsRadio nine fifty Tuesday night. Michiganders' will know who their next governor will be as long as the campaign trail comes to an end as long campaign trail comes to an end democratic candidate Gretchen Whitmer spoke at one of many last minute campaign events at the Teamsters local four zero six in Grand Rapids yesterday. Here..

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