Without Adversity, There is No Triumph: A Conversation with Louis Theroux

Blazing Trails


There will be people in the future when you speak. They will have to be quite. Because you've gone through something extraordinary and this is a privilege to be tested in this way and the price of it is the you will have to go through it. But the other side of the sunlit uplands of having done it so i hold onto that without adversity no triumph. That was award winning. British documentary filmmaker louis through sharing his thoughts on how he thinks. The pandemic will shape us. Louise best known for his immersive documentaries. That look into the often controversial and complex aspects of the human condition. Welcome back to blazing trails. I'm your host. Michael rebel from salesforce studios and joining me to introduce today's conversation. Is muzzy jorgensen. Uk energy and utilities. Had here at salesforce mazi. What an incredible opportunity to get a chance to speak with louis through. What was it like for you. Wow so lucky. That i got to spend some time talking to him. He's somebody i. I've admired professionally for a long time. Just because i think for me his connection and how he connects to people is just fascinating to watch for those of us who've seen his documentaries over the last twenty years the thing that stands him out is that he is very approachable and he's disarming in how he bills those connections with people who are on the face of it should be difficult to build connections with so. That was something for me. That was a real privilege to get to understand a little bit more about how he does that because he makes it easy. I mean it's interesting. That in the world of business is so much of that empathy required and those human relationships that are really at the core of everything that we do from the product from the sales process of it. Well muzzy thank you so much. I'm excited to get started with this episode. So let's let you and louis take it from here. so welcome. louis. Through to the salesforce blazing trials podcasts. I'm really excited habitat with you. Thank you. You'll an acclaimed journalist documentary maker and arguably lots of people would say one of the world's best interviews with the. I think they probably would so with that. What advice if you got for me to make a really good into will the good news is you're ahead of the game because this is a podcast and podcast. Almost always feel more intimate. It feels like you're not really doing an interview. It's a relaxed and authentic space. So i feel already inclined to be forthcoming to confess all my secrets by missteps to show the human side of myself. I do think that the whole notion of an interview in a weird way gets in the way of making a connection. Sometimes i prefer to think of what i do is having encounters all conversations which is making a connection interview sounds somehow clinical and detached. And while i am for is something intimate and warm something that ends up being. Dare i say a win win. I don't think i'm just gonna try to steal in and get the goods so my advice is just be you which i think you all be i am. Then how would. I know if you want my feeling. Is you all and that was by the way great question. Because it's what we in the biz. Cool a meta question because it was a question about the nature of the compensation we have any stepped outside the conversation to commentate on what we were doing. Which is something. I do all else fails. This has become a little awkward. Or you've gone very quiet. All i feel as though i just said something. I shouldn't have you make the problem. Part of the compensation and so on that. I think you do really form remarkable connections with people and that's the thing that everybody loves full. I think when. I was thinking about how i think you do. I'd love to know a little bit more. But i think your authentically approachable. Think your courageous in how you ask your questions and kind in how your questions without making people defensive and i think there's an element of you showing vulnerabilities. Well is that all part of you know if you've got a recipe for how you do stuff. I wish i had a recipe. Because then i could sort of sell it online for large sums it would be like the interview version of scientology. I could actually go out there. License it to people and sign them up to long term programs. I think really. I stumbled into this. In nineteen ninety three was. When i was working in a magazine in new york could spy and some friends went to work in television for a new program tv nation that was being hosted by michael and michael is well known was then known for various documentaries including roger and me and michael i

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