Parents, students protest outside City Hall over NYC school closures


The schools delivered a petition to City Hall today. Parents are saying they caved to the demands of teachers Union president Michael Mulgrew. One sign read de Blasio delivered shut down to UFT. Protest organizer Daniella Daniella Jam, Jam, Pell Pell says says it it is is not not the the teacher's teacher's fault fault are are the the ones ones that that are are educating educating and and taking taking care care of of our our Children Children and and did did and and giving giving their their all all every every single single day day and the guy in charge of them needs to realize that the teachers want to be teaching our kids in class protesters called on the mayor to follow the science. Random testing at city schools has turned up 0.2% of positive cases. Five year old Benjamin Sailing, sat on the pavement, writing out a sign for Mayor de Blasio to see my scientists. I want to go to school, and why? Because I really like it in City Hall Park, Marla Diamond WCBS news radio 8 80 Well in New Jersey, but a vehicle

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