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Dr Jim Keeney for a daily update at nine about what's going on in the world out there of course about the corona virus I am done there is a lot to cover here I'm coming up at nine thirty handle in the house whisper dean sharp I talk about you being cooped up at your house in your house stand out what you can do if you have cabin at cabinet fever okay now what do you do if you lose work due to the cove in nineteen virus here in California there's actually a lot that you can do much of the country Californians southern Californians have seen the unemployment their appointment suddenly suddenly come into question got stores theaters public offices bars are shot which means working from home if you can others it's reduced hours or possibly even lay offs I know of someone works in a hotel in an administrative capacity I he's down to one day was working five now one day twenty percent of his pay so governor I Gavin Newsom signed an executive order on Monday giving local governments first of all the ability to hold a fictions or prevent power shut offs power companies can't shut off if you don't have the money to pay evictions both commercially and individually that stopping right now until further notice Eric Garcetti the mayor of LA launched a loan program an eleven million dollar fine to help small businesses and all four that's going to go and unemployment insurance is available out there however the LA county federation of labour's calling for LA officials to raise the percentage given to unemployment or unemployed workers raised this insurance eighty percent in terms of payments so what happens if you lose your hours for your job you go to unemployment insurance okay that's right there even if you fight cut hours you're available to it and you've got an estimated forty to four hundred and fifty dollars course depending on your income I you can get per week of the twenty six weeks all right here's the problem if you're AT ACT tipped employee here to cut your income yeah you do correct third of it this is when it's going to come to bite you in the **** you affected lately made a lot of income tax but now whatever percentage of your income if you're gonna be able to get on unemployment and disability is predicated on what you put down if.

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