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In a ruling hailed as an immense victory for climate justice the Netherlands top court has ruled in favor of activists who've been seeking legal orders to force the Dutch government into cutting greenhouse gas emissions the presiding judge rejected the government's appeal against earlier rulings ordering the government to cut emissions by at least twenty five percent by the end of twenty twenty from benchmark nineteen ninety levels the Supreme Court upheld the lower court's rulings that protection from the potentially devastating effects of climate change one is a human rights and that the government has a duty to protect its citizens activists in a packed chamber of the supreme court in the Hague erupted into applause and cheers at the decision a report by the country's environmental assessment agency published last month estimated that Dutch greenhouse gas emissions in twenty twenty would be about twenty three percent lower than nineteen ninety levels Japan's trade ministry says its ease controls on exports to South Korea one of three chemicals used in semiconductors that it had restricted in a sign of a thaw between the two countries just days before their leaders meet in China the ministry of economy trade in industries as its granting a three year balked permit to one company for exports of photo resist a chemical used to make semiconductors to its business partner in South Korea the ministries of the stop which takes effect immediately reflects the good record between the two companies and tonight it had anything to do with the upcoming meeting between the leaders of the two countries as part of a three way summit hosted by China next week south Korean president moon jae yeon and Japanese prime minister Shinzo Ave or to hold a one on one meeting on Christmas Eve on the sidelines of the trilateral summit a warning from the centers for disease control and prevention focuses on a food poisoning outbreak linked to store bought hard boiled eggs the A. P. that Donnie reports seven people are reported sick in five states that there was one death reported in Texas people have a weakened immune systems who are pregnant or are sixty five and older.

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