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They brought you by lazy boy furniture galleries. So the situation is below the limit on north bound 6 80 coming up from Danville. The brake lights begin right around else. Arrow and the eastbound 20 for that slow from the called a cot. It doesn't help that there is a three vehicle accident. Eastbound on highway 24 right before 6 80. Possibly all three cars waiting for assistance from tow truck. So that's why it's extra heavy. There. Bay Bridge has been really jammed up to the lower deck that better news. So injury crash in the tunnel that had a lane blocked is clear. So now traffic is just slowly recovering very so traffic out of San Francisco your commute on eastbound Interstate 80 the shore Freeway. That's been a grind A since early afternoon when we had a car fire and Pino long gone, and it's just been below the limit ever since. The way backed up into the maze. There better news in the South Bay. We had a crash on South bound 85. Just after Union Avenue. It was backed up the highway 17 that one cleared pretty quick, So traffic is picking up speed. Lazy boy makes so much more than recliners. And right now you can take advantage of their pre Labor day sale. Start the savings early with 30% off storewide. There's a lazy boy furniture gallery near you. So hurry in these prices won't last lazy boy furniture galleries live life comfortably. Your next update. 5 58 on the traffic leader, KCBS. Mancini's sleep World six Day forecast. We're checking it out with K p X five's Poul Hagen poor air quality today across the Bay Area is still going to be an issue as we head into the weekend. We've got that well established marine layer that helps out the amount of moisture that fire.

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