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Comedy of errors could we not funny do we have any feeling on this haulage gotten a you got in the gut knee and tell which which you're feeling what's any ourselves i think that some people thought it was mariah carey now i would argue against ray a carry because she has had some successful records in the past decade at least i mean it has it's been a while but i think that her last big one was about ten years ago remember that song we belong together okay i was about two thousand five hey so are we gonna go with then i carney wilson on this one unfortunately i don't think clarity he was only eight minus litigating now who's all host who also done reality show back there somebody that your listeners do albums other somebody between carney wilson dozen to area that's true but think about a couple of decades ago back in their 90s this woman had a very successful singing career she had some really big hits she sings in mostly the are in bijan raw k and tool no and her and her family have been feet axons tony grandma wow that's one of the names exactly with my favorite toni braxton saw he wasn't balloon formerly ring what can you play that song now oracle all right so we're thinking more along the line they accent or lorient kerry but wait in hold on a moment were missing the most important part of this entire thing yeah home stealing money from criminals rather than laundering it i don't understand is that have been word that means that she's taking the skim off the money that she was supposed to be laundering for other people and taking it as era somebody was fronting her cash the jazz be wandering and she was taken her own yeah that is totally mariah carey though to me because i don't feel well did the braxton's have no it wasn't toni braxton that had tax issues although i don't the evidence but the but the brexit the whole braxton family um you know they kind of operate as a while here sorry we'll hear something interesting and i wanna bring this up toni braxton this is bet from back in two thousand twelve toni braxton reveal story behind bankruptcy headlines uh she told 2020 about what drove her to.

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