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NBA all star game in Charlotte. It goes to team LeBron they rally for one seventy one sixty four victory over on his thirty one was y'all star game. MVP James added nineteen points, eight rebounds. For the game. I thirty eight points in the laws UFC it takes twenty six seconds into the first round for Francis. And Gannett tobacco two-time heavyweight champion. Cain Velasquez at sixty first annual Daytona five hundred turned four for the final time. Denny Hamlin's trying to block all lanes. He's to the outside today inside to the checkered flag. Denny Hamlin is won the sixty first edition of the day. Tony five hundred Kyle Busch will finish second. Eric jones. Third a one two three sweep for Joe Gibbs racing. The motor racing network with the call. Denny Hamlin wins for the second time. The last four years how Bush the one around a number of wrecks in the race, including eight twenty one core pile up with nine laps to go Goff JD homes rally from the foreign shot Jefferson in the final round win. The Genesis open phones at fourteen under one shot ahead of Justice down baseball. Milwaukee has resigned third baseman, Mike. One year deal with ten million dollars. College basketball and upset in the big east ST John's knocks out number thirteen Villanova seventy one to sixty five eleven break. Michigan state takes down Ohio State, sixty two to forty four number Houston. Eighty-five fifty route of delay in the NHL the blues of one came straight. They shut down the wild nothing Saint Louis through toward straight shutout win. Coming up Monday. We'll recap the NBA all star weekend and the.

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