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Established give let's go through number one of the box office kingdom come king comes up at all right so number one of the box office it's third week at the box office let's run on the table last weekend my friends it was number one at the box office the weekend before number one it was number one at the box office is third week it has grossed sixty eight million dollars i saw this movie in theaters is very funny what's the final final gross is a hundred and twelve million dollars it's bond three sequels it's comedy action comedy spy kids also featuring allen carrying as a villain what is that flew flew right remember the thumb half i think as fluke from looking it up i'm looking it up feeding flu p thank you name i wasn't really disputing but great movie i am oh robbery goes best film spy kids yeah no what's his best movie industrial don know it's caused by no it's definitely still i'll tell you is an amazing i'll tell you why because spy kids doesn't force you to listen to quit and tarantino describe oral yes well that's a fair point mmediately knots points off from their point spy kids one rule spy kids two is pretty good bosomy chevy's funny he fox in plays dr romero who makes his harry housing monsters as mike it's three i don't really remember three game over fly perfect movie is yeah it's a perfect.

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