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A very aggressive adopter of new technologies and very kind of forward-looking if he were to say digital transformation in context of the UAE. What are some of the initiatives that are going on there now and how those impact the work that you do it at do let me do I answered and said she? We have Big Five G. Drive going on right now. We are rolling out the fight network. Five G. comes a whole array of new new features new technologies us one example networks license. It's it's it's an amazing concept to be able to move resources around sub customs anymore optimum way save on computing resources as much as possible and really increase customer experience so that obviously has to be complemented with an IT stack that is able to utilize these features effective and that frankly is is aerial zone for us out there. Major transformation programs that are currently on on wake. Because you know if you go into these decifit telecom technology has been very much that all those fake prepaid M- serving model for too long and now we're we're coming to Asia on network and the five G. services that have been deployed are able to provide new features and new services. You also need your. Id Stack to be ready to complement those. We able to prioritize those quickly to be able to generate revenues off those very quickly. So I think this is one of the I would say challenges but it's positive challenge because I can tell you about in inside of do their massive trust mission programs on which is rebuilding on the five G. Tech That's you're listening to a spotlight edition of the Security Ledger. Podcast this spotlight. Podcast IS SPONSORED BY RSA Security. People talk about five. G. Here North America tube and it mostly seems like it's just commercials on TV Are we talking about like a millimeter wave five? Gee that's out there on every light post and serving people locally or in particular cities and locations. Or how does it? What does it look like? And what are some of the sort of next gen services that are being How how far down the road are? And what are some of the services that are being targeted around that okay so it was obviously a? We are rolling out five gene different sectors as you mentioned anywhere. Many wave is one of the areas that we're doing it if you go to an end user for example right now we have if you have a five g handset which is obviously slow to come to the market as well you can easily latch onto our vijay network. You can easily enjoy speeds. That are up there in the in the one fifty you know You know one point five. Gb space And really really super sort of experience of technology. What's happening is that I don't think there's enough Utilization on the other side of our products that are using the kind of speech that are available. But we are certainly deploying it and and and you'll see the uptake of five G. devices over the last six months as we know we rolled out when live with our g network. Good good many months ago We actually had only a because we used to get revolts regularly on this a handful of customers. Now it's grown you know there are thousands of users of five already. They're buying these new Hanson's that are coming on the market so so we're really going there the other areas that are There there's a lot of work going on but I think it will take some time to actually see market use cases coming into the market. Are The the the medical space? There's a lot of world you any vision to grow Medica- Medical Hospital services for the entire region and the larger Southeast Asian region To be the hub of that so that I think it's coming in the future so we have a lot of use cases Mike Line but it's it's fully there as the services in some ways having caught up with the with the technology and the capabilities. But you're saying the the bandwidth is there and we just need people to start figuring out ways to leverage absolutely absolutely this is this is what we have. We have a naval the networks. I mean we have expert twenty twenty coming and and if you happen to visit expediting twenty near future you'll find a completely unified five experience a lot of work happy on that side What you'll also seeing as the the new ideas like you know Previously IBM Solutions Five. G. Has version of IBS but it also has a radio access based beam forming so we are utilizing that across so a lot of different things that we try to do with features. Okay well this is a cyber security. Podcast we're going to ask you the next logical question which is as you as a risk officer risk manager. Look at five G. and and try and imagine what five is gonNA mean in terms of Cyber Threats and risks to your organization again. What's top of mind for you? What what are the things that you're concerned about? Even if we haven't exactly seen them yet the speed full risk in in the five with all the different use cases we keep talking about is immense. I mean it's just unprecedent because we had a way of operating based on inherent risks I think that mindset is GonNa Change for example. You know you have medical surgery right. Somebody's sitting in the. Us operating on a patient. Inoue the in dire risks. Now are just something else. GonNa uses an example that I keep using in my particular exist discussions with various people previously cybersecurity people they'd talked about confidentiality integrity of eligibility. Cia has been are are sort of bedrock principle for most of the last ten fifteen years if you think about all Are Scared but now. Cia is Anan Hand With Gun refers to as the C. I. A. B. Sa and stands for nothing would thrive Assi Safety and reliability. Because you're I'll just talking about data and so of ability or data's being exfiltrated or anything of those risks you're talking about people's lives talking about cars that are coming and talking over networks over the low range and the and the wide area networks. All those things are coming together number. Two I think we really have to contextualize our risks and threats. Not Enough attention has been paid to condemn Our risk management and effective trek modeling and that area is is going to grow hugely. I think the other concern that I have obviously is is basic t cross industry response. That is a big area of concern. And how we're approaching risk management in that kind of third party risk supply chain risk those types of things absolutely so stood. Potty risks are a key risk for us at the moment. We are doing a lot of work on that side. It's basically cross ecosystem risks as well where you have utility companies. What human telecom operators with more downstream smart government type of companies and? They're all sharing information transmitting information. I mean you mentioned Internet of things. And you know that's something that obviously it's scary ledger. We write about a fair amount. What are some of the big Internet of things use cases at UC. Both just out in consumer society and also as well you know in this sort of telecommunication space and what are your thoughts on. Iot Risk and what the best approach to managing it as there has been a lot of government dryers In terms of Iot in the UA does a lot of smart government initiatives The by government has been pushing very heavily in this area. And we're seeing a lot of initiatives with our national infrastructure organizations. You know I'll give you one example fire services we are integrated and rolled out. Atypical Iot use case which connects each and every billing. Douar ar are central fire? Service is so. There's a there's a lot of use cases being built there which actually has a direct impact on on the end users inductive risks. I think obviously the first risks that we look at when we are looking at Iot use cases Amir working with these guys deserve secure them is obviously the edge edge risks the networks the edge components like sensors actuators devices Then you move to the aggregate gateways you move to the how how secure access networks The various platform components service networks and down to win. How you transfer it to. The Enterprise is slight irony there. Because obviously we're working on this amazing progress but at the same time if I can use an example That that is one of my biggest frustrations and it's got nothing to do with Iot but it's actually showcases how we have to really rethink of risk management in the eye.

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