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The guy talking just talking about just. Just. Into my chest Meena cons. How about Sam? Darnold? Oh, like there is Katie. There's Dan the road. I mean. Hello. Gods. Can you ask me to just do some analysis of football into your chest just ask her about like the bears defense or something? Yes. Let me wash down Greenies dog cookie. Before eating. Very, very, very ingredient or couple of mentions. Just cutting it up here, lower west side, Manhattan. I go up like golf afterwards. Will you please stop doing? You're hogging the stage. Get back and asked me, I got it dead. I got it. Gosh, on some Dan wants NFL analysis. He wants you to do it into my chest. Yes, that's what he would like. The Chicago Bears defense. I think saints ravens is the game of the week, but that's we're gonna be like Nick mouth. This HR violation meeting. Saints. Ravens is the game of the weekend. The way things have been going. There hasn't been a single defense that stood up to a high powered offense. My hope is that the ravens might be that team. I think they have the personnel to do it even more consistent than the Jags and the bears some of the better offenses defenses. What did you? This is so gross. I can smell like everything in his mouth. All right. I'm Dan for doing a whole. I need more Dan. Hold on. I got it. Here's what we're gonna do. Okay. Jacoby gonna play this entire room is I mean the loving this Delap you know, having fun Meena I am the debate desk. Okay, I am the desk. I am the debate desk. Let's you and Jacoby are going to debate into my. All right. All right. But what is the client you ask, whatever questions you want or Mike and ask the questions, Katie, whatever you want and then and then. My office where you are with my coworkers. That's dog. The most fun they've ever had to work today. They don't want me to leave. They want me to stay forever. Can you give us ask them something? They disagree about what something they disagree about Stu gods. What is disagree about? Well, I I represent his right nipple. His left nipple in this debate. I think the Bengals have a legitimate shot to go into Kansas City Chiefs. And as the left nipple, I would just like to say that as an extremely smell really good. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Really of men care. I when normal sent. I do not think this Bengals defense has an answer for that high octane Kansas City offense. But more importantly, I think the Kansas City pass rushers which has been surprisingly good is we terrorize the red rifle red rifle will shine and we'll fire. There will be a twenty one gun salute representing the death of the Kansas City Chiefs offense this weekend here your arms out. I'm just giving you guys room in high best. What I am. I am a desk. I'm the first stage does can you guys are debating right Now? Dan? Do you have any other questions? I broadened Jordan short. Go ahead. Go ahead. LeBron Jordan Meena go? Well, I'm team in the. I don't know if you see me wrong. Oh, okay. I mean, okay. Do wait a minute. Oh, China up on faking it. Coach up on the LeBron is I mean, this is what you did when Jacoby comes at you and he says, he loves them abroad, and you also love the broad and you think he's better what you do is you just summing up and you fake it. You say, let's go Michael Jordan, NBA finals. Six signs never lost in the fine to two years off on.

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