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A new day Aries geico fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more five forty eight traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks a serious crash in a complicated rescue on and under the Baltimore Washington parkway in laurel south bound between route thirty two and one ninety eight of vehicle went off the southbound lanes rolled down the embankment toward the little Patuxent River the driver seriously injured will be medevac from the scene the high angle rescue is still in progress in the woods on and under the bridge above the river southbound traffic completely stopped on the parkway now south of route thirty two that's where the medevac will land on the southbound lanes of the B. W. parkway north bound this is within view at least some of this rescue effort is within view and so north bound traffic will be unfortunately rubbernecking southbound on two seventy in Germantown delays building it's a vehicle on its side just south of one eighteen be on the on ramp from middle brook road it landed on the right side you're getting by slowly by staying far to the left southbound on two seventy north bound no delays no incidents route fifty eastbound delays are easing past sandy point three lanes are open across the Chesapeake and across the bay bridge reversible lane is in place so for a total of three lanes across the Chesapeake Bay video tolling is an affect on Kent island just in couple seconds ago crash reported on the eastbound span of the bay bridge in one of the two lanes that's open on the eastbound span of the bridge and that is why traffic is all of a sudden start to slow down off of Broadneck past sandy point all the way through Maryland and Virginia no delay sixty six just brief westbound delay past one twenty three ninety five southbound slow for Woodbridge across the arctic wind river brought to you by eighty W. in these difficult times draw courage from your face as you strive to practice the virtue of patience the Catholic archdiocese of Washington invites you to find your inspiration eighty W. dot org Dave Jill dying WTOP traffic like Stanford it turned out to be a really nice day just a little bit on that seasonably cool side yes seventy three for a high today hello hello Arsi a normal high seventy seven but all in all not a bad day at all changes are afoot in the area of low pressure will finally move its way across the region through tomorrow that will affect our weather so that's fairly dry for the next hour or two but with a couple of hours remove the southwestern suburbs.

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