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But when I was graduating on getting ready to start teaching there, a friend suggested why don't you come to China? You can do the same thing of air. You know, you can teach over here for a couple years. There's no need for you to settle down right away. And I was thinking in a similar way I've never really gotten out before. And so I thought why don't that try that? And I I did right after graduation came to China Guay Lynn Guangxi province, and I've been here ever since relent. Join it at for listeners that aren't that familiar with Taina. Can you kind of describe where that is open for Guangxi is in the south Angolan is a very popular tourist hotspot? It's a maybe an hour and a half from a place called young Schule were a a lot of backpackers and hikers and travelers and tourists go to have that famous karst photography this. Nouns that are very finger like, and they they do the bamboo rafts down. The river is actually young show is on the back of the twenty dollar Chinese Bill. Or the twenty the twenty U N Bill, so you can see a picture of that area. It's very scenic. It's so wonderful place to go. I lived there for two years. The weather's gets pretty hot humid little bit unpredictable. But actually hope maybe in the future. I could move back there if I do settle down in China. I think that would be a great place to do it. And that was from twenty eleven to twenty thirteen I came in twenty eleven okay. Yeah. Where do you live in China? Now. Are you in right now, I live about two hours north of Guang Joe, okay? In Guangdong province kind of in the countryside. Boonies? Did you start learning Chinese in high school when you start first started being attractive to the then by learn Chinese for the first time in university? I took it for one year. I'll okay, okay. It was actually kind of it was kind of by chance that it came about. Because you know, I went to university, and I actually studied Arabic for. For year, and I really enjoyed it. And then something happened with the language requirement. They kind of messed me up, and they said, you basically have a choice you can redo the Arabic class again. You know, something with my credits was messed up this. You can do that again or you can choose a new language, and I said, well, I really loved Arabic, but I'm not going to sit through the same class for another year just to confirm my credit. So I chose Chinese at that point. So it was kind of a little bit by chance, although I was very interested in Chinese culture. I didn't expect I would be leaving the US. So I just wanted. I just chose anything. I wanted. Basically, I wasn't thinking I would ever go to China. I was kind of a false whatever they call it a false beginner of false starter. When I came to China, it was several years after I had taken that class. So I basically had to relearn the basics again got provide to ask you some questions about your first..

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