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Get your tickets now had shocked Tober work. The Spurs are back. To ask him begins Sunday against the heat. Warm-up begins at three on the radio home of this birds NewsRadio twelve hundred galaxy way I. Headlines, traffic and weather together. All right. So w news rector, Jim Foreside just had the story about the lawsuit. Now going on in Texas over the cypress, Fairbanks ISD student who did not want to stand for the pledge of allegiance pledge of allegiance. I keep deligence of allegiance now when we started school we had to do it, right? It was required. If you don't want to recite the pledge of allegiance. That's that's okay, stand up so little respect. I consider that class participation. If they don't want to stand up and don't want to participate in the in the pledge of allegiance students, you take points off to the great for class participation. I think that gets dicey because you're looking at violation of first amendment rights, free speech includes. Okay. By word, if you don't stand you're creating a distraction in my class, and you're not participating in class room activities. You're just asking for a lawsuit. Everybody wants to sue over this. I don't understand that. It's it's. What happened in rules in school? What happened to you had to do this? We can't do that anymore because oh my God. We might hurt the kids viewing I want to know why the kids is not wanting to participate. What are the reasons religious could be political? What are they we don't know? Parents get involved in a situation like this at least skiers they already give you the opt out, which means you can stand up and not recite the pledge if you don't want to you. Now, we're going to the Colin Kaepernick engine for a gym foresight, actually reference. The Colin Kaepernick Colin Kaepernick affect now that he gets to Neo for the national anthem. I get to sit for the pledge of allegiance. I'm sorry. But I don't I don't think that we're doing our our youth any favors by letting this stuff happened. You already have the opt-out we've already we've already given you away out of this. If you don't want to participate, you don't have to say the pledge but sitting down now, you're creating a distraction my class. I don't know maybe it'd be like put him out in the hallway until the pledges over. So they can't disrupt the class. I don't know. I think it's ridiculous that we want to sue on every little thing that happens. It's a pledge of allegiance how long does it take? We're talking seconds, not even a minute, and we can't participate. Now, we're just Carling these kids way too much. It's the worst advocation of America times. Ten it's ridiculous. All right charity. What else is going on? Thursday's. Hearing.

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