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A mistake once. Oh this is a this is not even doesn't mistake perplexing collison also. I am perplexed. By the seem strange strangers you busted on the US being lazy and even late now laze fare Schubert but misguided. Especially if you've got the police that he must have gone through automotive and said not worth finance makes no sense to let me just wanted to go to destroy the red sox today just I wanNA destroy them. I hate them. I want to take them down. So bad outcome keep rising is in wireless Bach. Steve always see our numbers. We get fucking numbers tweets all day after eyeballs in numbers. I'm serious though. Yeah now I've got them all day. You don't an instagram thing. Just endless number numbers numbers WHO's this why name is Patrick? Who is it? Do you know you're speaking to shit. I do now good morning. Wow you have morning thank you see. This is the level the last good morning from Ohio. Where are you in Ohio? I'm actually in Ohio. Crossing into Indiana here in just a minute. What time is it where you are friend? If it's eight thirty friends no room for humor here. Did you watch did you watch any of my pod periscope the work yesterday at Fenway Park. Yes Sir I did. Okay how'd I do You Bet okay spineless pussies bank you exactly. That's true that's true so so if you know assume you're fan of mine Yes okay it seems like it so if you know what I like don't like is a podcast host. I go there and dance. Around around fenway for an hour yesterday try and get in trouble is do you think that I would want some of that. Sound to react to on the Kirkman showed the next day Yeah Yeah Okay. He's GonNa Question. Patrick wanted to ask our producer. Steve Robinson how much sound ready for me today for started. Patrick the floor is yours. Steve Levi. Bet You didn't have the sound ready but you probably have. You is right. You're correct. That's actually perfectly capsulated on the head. Because I didn't want to say the Stevo tvos that figure. Yeah I mean what what what what should we do here. Wh what is your what is yours in the family. Where what are your thoughts? I think Ashby's out there on ice with Justin we Light him up with the faint balls. I wish I could either all right halfway there. Yeah hopefully alright all right well all right well thank you Patrick. We'll talk to you later. Good luck getting into the great state of India and the home of John. Mellencamp Larry Bird Bird. And who else from Indiana David Letterman and David Letterman. That's right very good. Mike Gripe Pat. That's not the guy with the beard is a no call somebody else on.

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