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We went through the books we very transparent and said hey this is not about us we didn't think we were going to get bailed out in fact we didn't say they bail themselves out but we went through position by position and when we were done took hours and peter looked up at me and john meriwether and said you know i knew you guys we're going to take down the bond market i didn't know you were going to take down the stock market to we had fifteen billion dollars worth of open stock positions and again there's not that much acquitted in the market so that's what that was all about but but by pointing i then i went on a stock exchange i work the sierra for about ten years doing what we call market intelligence or mark int using financial analysis we can we can talk about that but so bit of in the collective career you'll be the defense department defense department for currency wars came from correct and robert i take when you describe me futures i take that as a very very nice compliment as i i've actually met a number of futures because you mentioned buckminster fuller alvin toffler but i i met i worked with the chief future list at the pentagon his name was andy marshall is still alive at but andy served eight presidents he was appointed by president nixon in in the early nineteen seventies and worked all the way through the obama administration he retired about two years ago before trump that was a total of a presence when i'm at me was ninety two years old interesting ninety two year old futurist but more you know about the past the better you are at the future but you know sharp is attack and his his job is not to look six months or one year two years down the road his job was five or ten years down the road think about the future warfare and what the pentagon needs to do so i was meeting with him about financial.

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