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Love where it's going. I love where where it is but to key for me as long as we still have a family feel succeeding but We do believe that podcast in person best will scale to the size of like an over time because we're creating an umbrella brand called creator village and we own fast pod fast and all these other brands correlate underneath it so we do believe it will eventually be the largest Collection of influencers in the world. Come together it's amazing wayne. I love it. The main thing is another sound. Funny i try not to work with event planners Sound very ironic because they. They're to trains in their system. And we try and do things a little differently in the community comes first and the interactions come first and sometimes event planners are trained to do things on a system in our system doesn't work like that. It's very white glove. It's very it's very high touch and we know kind of what we're doing so we try and find really unique individuals that want to do something different to make an impact but don't mind working really long hours when it's time when we're doing these events and putting that time in after obviously we take little breaks to recover but right now we're in the hunt. We have five hundred twenty. People were excited. And we're we're looking to not only break. The guinness world record we set but shattered. Wayne's that answer your question one hundred percent. I think named job a few people that i greatly look up to people like gary chalk and tony shay share in fact well someone that i travel all the way from singapore to las vegas to the snap. Assist you to try to actually record interview with him by last know he put out a last moment but before i left. He's hugh beauty yet. She gave me a book and he wrote a message. If you have a dream you have an idea that dream bigger so there was also of my inspiration for going to podcast and doing this. Podcast asia. I really look forward to collaborate with you. And of course steve as well the biggest would say people admire and look up to the water park costing so we'll hope to have several issue all of you thank you and and just you know pod global this time around is dedicated in memory of tony. Shay of delivering happy. Now see he really impacted me early on. He had sent correspondence whenever i would. Email them in their early days. And we're dedicating this In his memory and wanting to carry his message forward of treating everybody like the special individuals they are and delivering happiness through pod. Global so Thank you for mentioning that all right. Thanks wayne hanging out with us. Here and We'll go over to raven here in just a second. Just want to remind you that. If you have a question for chris i will try to keep the q. And a. open here for for a little while longer. Probably take a couple more questions. Abba went obviously be respectful of christmas. Time if this is your first hanging out with us and club pod welcome at. Please make sure you put your thumb there on that little greenhouse at the top. Join us in club. Pod if you are not a member and then of course invite other people in. We have quickly become the largest podcasts club here on clubhouse which is awesome. And thanks to you guys so thank you for that and of course the more the merrier..

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