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I'm guy Benson in New York I mention this Monmouth poll in the last segment national poll today the second one in a row in consecutive days showing Bernie Sanders now in the lead among Democrats nationally Bernie at twenty six up three over the last poll biting down at sixteen percentage points to twenty six to sixteen that's easy math a ten point lead for Bernie Sanders Biden is down fourteen points in this poll in the last integration he was at thirty and leading now he's at sixteen third place a Thai Buddha judging Warren judge up seven Warren down one number of now in double digits here he's at eleven up from nine AM Clementon not so much nationally and she went from five to six but now you've got the Q. poll Quinnipiac and Monmouth back to back days Bernie update Bernie up ten nationally as I said if he wins tonight New Hampshire then what are we possibly off to the races a little bit some of the internals in the Quinnipiac poll especially African Americans electability just really tough for Biden in this Monmouth poll today his favorability is down double digits personal favorability and that's not the sort of people who are like well I don't think you can win anymore but I like it these are people who no longer hold a favorable view of Joe Biden and I wonder if the hunter Biden stuff played a role there team from definitely isolated a target and pounded the zone on hunter Biden and Joe Biden and it has paid dividends speaking to try to be a big rally last night in Manchester packed house and in cuts for the president doing his thing lesson we have more in this arena and outside of this arena then all of the other candidates meaning.

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