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Be right back. Now. W RKO traffic from the my pillow dot com Traffic Center on the brakes on Route three South just before the Braintree split 24 South. You're slowing Randolph leaving the lower end of 93. You're on the brakes on 4 95 north in Middleborough with some roadwork after route 28 Pike's okay from Boston, 94 95 no big delays in the opera or lower ends of 1 28. Looking good on would free to the South Shore Route three towards New Hampshire's fine between growing today national, and this report is sponsored by Lowe's. Lowe's Season of savings event is happening now with Can't miss deals on top gifts for your home like a high sense refrigerator Now just $1199 gift for home brings joy to wall Find Maura deals gifts into core at Close dot com while supplies last See store for details valid through 12 12 US only. Now. W RKO Weather Channel forecast would recall my last night with Tim's in Central Western Mass. Big warmup underway now, though, with high pressure in charge in the south wind, and we climb up to 43 degrees this afternoon. Not nearly as cold for tonight. We've got some sixties in the forecast for Friday.

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