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This a partisan issue and finally there are other veterans organizations that appear to be playing politics with this variation on mad dan about olis' as you can possibly tell everybody should be mad about this we shouldn't be in this position by you know things have gotten so bad at the va things are the culture of corruption and a toxic personnel culture are so ingrained that i it it it's gonna take a water effort continued focus to fix it and unfortunately we had a big extraction earlier this year with the va secretary shokhin do decided to create all the strongest start all these fights and claim that he really didn't want to reform the as much as the president kind of imply the president was looking to dismantle and privatize the va that was a huge distraction that has set some things back full now through that we just got some good legislation passed but he he he mentioned something you know your remarks about this becoming a partisan issue you know unfortunately for many people on the left the va is a model of what government run healthcare should be like i i think i discussed this on your show before they have a book called the best care anywhere why healthcare is should be the model for the rest of us we have these left wing intellectuals like paul krugman dope longman as recline say hey the va might be not just a single payer system the next step beyond that a universal healthcare system like britain has at the jack and that's that's where it gets ideological that's where it gets partisan and then he had the big government use like the american federation government employees at hundreds of thousands of members within the da you pay them money every year to be members and you don't wanna see your va employees so what does that mean that means less private care that means less choice so they justified putting more money into the broken government healthcare system so they can get more numbers and it all it all flows down and all i veterans who need care because that's what's driving a lot of debate there in washington we had some legislation passed but there's a lot more to do it is is beyond disturbing.

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