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That our tail today is brought to a close. There are many approaches to creating a personal computer off and like a lot of Longshot goals. They were many attempts going on in total isolation. IBM would eventually crack the code with the PC but it wasn't a bolt from the blue devel. And Company had been working towards the personal computer for the better part of a decade and then they only struck a big when they were able to give up all control. The PC was a very unhappy I am computer. It used third-party hardware and it shipped with a whole slate of third-party software, but that was just the Terminus of work that had been brewing since the early 1970s wage. If we actually want to look towards IBM's first personal computer, then we shouldn't be talking about the 5150. We should be looking at scam the 5100 the data master and all the trials and factors that led to the PC we know today and while that story makes things more complicated. I think it's a better one. IBM didn't get their act together all at once instead. They slowly learned they slowly adapted and they were slowly able to let go of a little bit of control if it wasn't for this long evolutionary. We wouldn't have the same computers we have today off. And was over this long Evolution, but Friday was scammed would turn into everyone's PC. Thanks for listening to admin of computing. I'll be back in two weeks time with another piece of the story of the computer. And hey, if you like the show, there are now a few ways you can support it. If you know anyone else who likes Computer History, then why not share the show with them. You can also rate and review on Apple podcasts. And if you want to be a Super Fan, you can now support the show through admin of computing merch or signing up as a patron on patreon agents get access to early episodes olds for the direction of the show and bonus content. You can find links to everything on my website at the end of computing, if you have any comments or suggestions for future episode and then go ahead and shoot me a tweet. I'm at Advent of, on Twitter and as always have a great rest of your day..

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