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It was what is the meaning of this terrible dis college anti calling just likes to get good and did she sell after he warmed up Hoda and Jenna with his for question and talked a little living in the White House would you Jenna bush Hager said they'd never lived in the White House she was in college yeah so anyway he wanted to ask Hoda about this happened last week when they heard in Jena had Nick and Vanessa Liz Shea on for their love is blind yeah I mean show on Netflix or whatever yeah and hold a made an assumption all you guys all get along and just because Simpson was just here talking about your book and when you guys got him a gift and Nicole Shea looked and complete back jobs every day and I like it and and and Vanessa look to just completely uncomfortable it was a completely uncomfortable moment is rare to see row horrida make a misstep about this yes jumping in and the way she you know just like they were all great friends inside to others kind of way how does that so here's a handy you couldn't wait to get in into it and he asked about this drama what did you think of the drama surrounding cliche and that S. that telling you that they never got Jessica Simpson again oh my god after all okay I go after then she came to me who did just that and what what happened and I said what happened yeah given that Sir Gerald hormones and Jenna yeah that there was no get out and then she said she said what I don't even know where this whole thing started out but it started from her yeah I mean here's the here's the thing when I was interviewing Jessica she was talking about like on what great terms everyone was like I'm so happy for them we have yeah when they have children and she mentioned something I thought about a guest so I was like oh server but he's happy so when they came I was like isn't that cool everybody's friends and then that wasn't the way it was received right now yeah I didn't understand what was going on I have no a couple minutes trying to sickly friends know and she just made the biggest some show and I'm in the casual conversation that she was having it was just it was glorious and guess medicine the the thing is that I still don't think anyone's gonna watch now making Vanessa's whatever it's called yeah that's fine okay our radio bori amber rose who tied with Presley Gerber and Chris Brown for worst tattoos of the week I'm she got on their face yeah Presley Gerber misunderstood Anders chi Chris Brown with the baby sure on the side of his cheek and amber with bashin slash which are the nicknames for two kids on the top of a four and a yes she's doing she was doing an interview yesterday what does she does she said how I know we're is con you SO girlfriend yeah I don't know I mean is she she's got a lot of follow Lee does pose she okay activism stuff sure the slot what I remember that okay I don't I don't really know which days but I she told a lot of media coverage yeah she she did an interview one on one with cat Kasher coal okay and cash is said to her amber hi did you tap to your kids foreheads in pretty big script I cried bash slash game here's what she says I she said I gotta be honest and so right away when anyone out offices that you tell the truth yeah is there let let him discourage for life I'm just wasting time to come up with something to this is sound corny after Colby died it made me reflect on my life and I don't want people to be like all Kobe died and you went and got a tad too but it was kind of like that okay because a million people that attacked two people got tattoos of Kobe of twenty four of all the other stuff yeah it doesn't explain bashin slash on the note that all and thing I guess to say it's a weird thing to say she doesn't know why she got on it was a it was a decision that was made in before was she a friend had time to sell or don't do it yeah she did it yeah and she wanted tell all their kids tight and say I love you so much if anything happens you I'd go crazy and all die and so maybe it's her way of just sharing the love of her children but when she looks at herself in the mirror again the more track records that is something I wonder if people really think about what she can always get bangs she buzzer had I mean that's your signature look this woman has an addict long here and she said it was buzz yeah the lan buys for years hello I yeah I mean don't say cold be inspired your face tab two of your kids Nick names very odd very odd okay how about this one Jennifer Lopez I now okay okay wait just rate is a new shoe line called J. lo Jennifer Lopez with the Komodo group sold exclusively at DSW but why the name J. lo Jennifer Lopez why I have such a big long name member she used to have J. lo close J. lo glow member has very successful perfume okay glow but numbers you step belts and hats and we get a mat Herberger's you have that whole line yeah because she doesn't want you to think forget her name and I can't believe it doesn't say J. Lau Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguez some real thrilled about this I burnt out on her right now I feel like there is nothing I mean she got very good on her and it isn't even it's not a jealousy thing it's just like sure I really like even Brad Pitt news time to take a base in the pottery barn as I wonder when you're always always always doing always always always doing how uncomfortable you are sitting with yourself and so on us wow you're going deep house you turn to do is to shoe line the D. S. W. but not very expensive well there they don't look comfortable either well they look like they are not cost of Christian Dior fancy high heeled shoes that are gonna sell a gazillion yeah is your sick over basically you're sick in jail and I thought we follow her on Instagram and if it isn't a picture of her and underwear it's a picture of her inner leotard working out with Jay what is with Alex yeah and then he and that's another picture of them dressed up every day the post about how wonderful they are I think maybe you just get sick of looking at I'm fine with that but I really do wonder sometimes he doesn't stop no she doesn't get admire that I admire that what I did I mean I do our hash in inner drive is amazing because able if we even had at yeah I think but I don't you're more sick of her because of Alex Rodriguez only has colored your opinion on J. lo but but I'm sick of it she just doesn't stop why should she I'm good on file but I'm always know I.

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