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Child through the tough days, Dr Leeman, thanks so much for coming on my podcast pleasure to be here. I know who you are you've done great things. I think you did a thing of book with my friend, Bill Bennett's. Why my thinking everything? Yes. I have a lane Bennett. Yeah. She's a she's a great friend. She's a she's a great lady. Moore wonderful people wonderful area hard, working wonderful people. Well, this book is a toughie as a pediatrician. I have seen a rise in anxiety and depression in kids, and as a speaker and psychologist you've seen a rise. And this is really a bothering a lot of parents and worrying worrying them. Why do you think the anxiety and depression in taints and young kids has been on the rise in the past ten years? You don't put helmets on kids birthday the truth. Yeah. We've been so overprotective with kids. Wave main kids feel like the absolute center of the universe. I'm not that smart. But I know that's not good for kids. And we have created a group of children who are soft. They haven't dealt with the realities of life. They haven't been given responsibility in the home with column and on. I think when reality sets in in kids don't have the skill sets to deal with the peer group, the viciousness of the peer group life itself disappointments, they choose to be anxious. They go under. We medicate them, and I'm not a physician you are. But I'm not a big medication guy. Think we medicate kids way way way way too much. What are the things I'm concerned about his icy, depression, and anxiety and younger and younger kids? I mean I've seen seven-year-olds with anxiety. And I think the response of many parents is they see things I ain't depression, and they kind of freak out, and they bring their kids to a psychologist to counselor pediatrician and they say fix it fix it. When in reality there's a lot that parents can do to help their kids with anxiety. So rather than to look to somebody else and go please help this is horrible to turn to the child and say, well, let's figure it out. You know, let's figure it out. We can do this here. And I know that many parents seem afraid I know even my one of my young daughters is married said mom, I just don't know if I should have kids the world is such a hard hard place. I said. You know what? Honey, I thought the exact same thing, you know, thirty five years ago, when I started raising kids, why do you think parents are so afraid of not just their children, but of the culture out there what's going to come out their kids? They reasonably afraid. It's a scary culture. We have five kids. We had our original three. Now, we had the surprise at age forty two. I know we have the shocker at forty eight. That's a whole nother. Shocker, by the way, ladies when you have a baby at forty eight. There is absolutely no reason to push its had what daughter. Nightdress? But it is scary. And I agree. I see seven year old children who are anxious and I'm thinking why should a seven year old kid suffered from any kind of anxiety. It seems to me that ought to be the LA La Land of life and ought to be play fun. And I have created some schools some charter schools called Leeman academy of excellent. The one thing I insist on it. Our schools is the we have fun in school, and we also put a thority in classroom, teachers hands. What does that say, it means that kids actually thrive with authority not authoritarian is there's a difference? But so kids appreciate guidelines parents today. I mean, I just got a note from young parent today. Just once again, saying thank you for helping us clueless. Parents because so many of them are afraid to stand up. And being the parent. They need to be in kids wanna please parents. That's late. Breaking news. A lot of parent realize it let the kids please you let them give back to the family. Let them work your loving year old pays the bills near family..

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