Dry Cough, Fever, FLU discussed on Red Eye Radio


It's the the the the dry cough the feeling of the just what was the other thing that I saw out there that won't fever fever right yeah and you know and so I normally don't get that I normally don't get a coffee just a fever and then you know pressure or pain in the chest that's not a normal feeling from when I've had a cold or a flu before right right so I wonder if I wonder the people reporting it when they go to the doctor to get the test whether most people are actually getting it accurate or not whether they paid attention to that I don't know I I don't I wonder about the people who just won't go to the doctor they just don't go if that happens no matter that with this virus existed or not that's not that's that's that's my whole concern right that's why I said it because that gives us if they're if you factor in how many people don't which which you really can't I mean but if you could the question is is it more widespread than what's being reported right and at the owners are brought that up because a lot of people stating that fact of we've heard all the people that work hourly and you know it as for the statistics will that statistic applies to the regular flu too sure if you're sick and you're all going to work because of that but we have a lot of blue we don't know virus no we we know the flu but that still that still is fit into the statistics of who has I guess that's my thing when working out the calculations you have to work that in that no matter what the sicknesses or people that won't go because they either can't afford to or don't want to right that's you know that's my whole point.

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