West Seattle Bridge: Mayor Durkan OKs repair job instead of replacement


Way way the the city city will will move move forward. forward. Almost Almost Ryan Ryan Harris Harris has has more more of of the the decision decision to to repair repair the the bridge. bridge. After After weighing weighing all all the options. Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkin says full replacement of the bridge would take money they wouldn't be able to get without pushing the reopening schedule back, which she says would further inhibit port and other critical traffic. So she says, repair is the way with money they can get and a reopening projected for mid 2022, as well as a move toward reduced car traffic. 10 50. In 20 years from that we should be a city that is not reliant on vehicles and cars. We need to be moving to, um, or climate friendly options. The work on now to stabilize the bridge is part of the repair plans. But it still leaves the option of replacement on the table because how the repairs respond to weather changes, and the way to full traffic could force them down a path of replacement. Otherwise repair is expected to keep the bridge working another 15 to 40 years. Ryan Harris come on news to new covert testing sites are about to open in King County, Dr. Mark

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