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Talk about the interestingly enough and that become that will be an amazon in june almost ready but it's not yet yet but the amendment information bureau has information everybody on what they use their insurance for sure the medical information bureau like necessarily know their fare limited from sharing that kind of information i then there's the credit card companies right so if you go to and get a prescription rates identify that way but one thing i would say about facebook that i think is particularly interesting that has come out after the cambria debacle became known by everybody i don't know if everybody knows as much about the fact that facebook was working with stanford medical school as well as the me able to think about it but it is hard cardiology conditions academy has ten different database spokane approached them yup information from them so they could match it up user data piece of user data base for that after cambria handle broke and but they only put it on it didn't show for database can share that information healthcare operation trying to figure out more information about their own patients so they know contract no data use agreement according to news report i don't know if facebook will continue to person so have this could work down the road near you have you come in with a heart condition or pipeline pressure scroll through your facebook find it you're doing you have habits that are exacerbating your medical condition what i mean i just think of all the horrible things that can happen they can pull your insurance because you're not compliant i don't know it just it's not there's no safe harbor anyways it's very good i have a quote in the book ud faulkner who is the ceo and founder healthcare information in their system about sixty eight percent of the american population though most americans have been to some hospital that has an epic system so not all the medical records every ethics but some portion of them are in september of twenty twenty seventeen i think the user's group which are people who the epic record come to this conference because they use the epic records and said something on the order of i m paraphrasing but.

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