AJ, Luke, Slater discussed on Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast - SRW 149 - Sasha Banks


It was kind of raw was definitely heavier with talent but it was a little bit equalled out you know they they gave him new day room aj stay they gave him kevin owens but it's still like the talent on raw smack down could not put on a show that looks like no mercy put it that way but look when okay let's say a you know a breeze ongo for instance resign goal during the golden era of smack down comes over they kinda get new life right uh primo an epochal came over in the superstar shakeup and enough for a second i was like oh they're going to get some shine finally like they're they're going to get and then and then they disappeared yeah i mean look harper asked guy who was being built towards something now has not even on television that's one that i think really makes people confused it's not like like n n when you look at smack down and what we just said about right it's not like smack down is overflowing with talent you know what i mean you've got some amazing guys and thank god ages there by 'cause you know he's probably the best dude in the company but you've got a lot of room to build glue carper on that show right and why not if you're gonna throw the title on gender mahala it's kind of an experiment why not make luke harper the good guy monster that tries to conquer gender mahal why not elevate lou carpet should definitely try it i mean if you look at right after the brand split there was a month where he slater was the most over guy company you're right i gave him something to do the i got kids era yeah and now you know they're they're not smack down got that the tally got rated because they made a bunch of stars rolfast and so raw took some of the stars and now they're not really making making nausea.

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