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That happens in other shows as well. See if that should have been outside. You might not have minded the drunken loud so much this You think? No, no wonder over here. I'm gonna go stand over here. I don't not gonna be. But yeah, I would have gone away from the drunken lout is true. I was just I was being held captive at the Eccles Theater. Yeah, the assigned seating held you captive. But I miss I miss the outdoor Shows. I'm I was looking through some old pictures of some old big ass shows. Um And some old pictures of Festus when he was playing in in bands and things and those were usually outside. I miss the outside show. I missed the You know, it's the safest place to have them anymore. Yeah, So maybe a long time before I go to an indoor one. But the outdoor I miss it. And the spin Doctors made me think of that so Okay? Yes, it was his birthday. Yeah, good enough. It's still kind of a thin song, though, isn't it? This kind of thing. It did whatever I needed it to do. I didn't don't think any more than that. I don't think a band called the spin Doctors is looking for anything really, too heavy or meaningful. Well, they sure accomplished. I just think they had a song about a person they didn't like. And they wrote about it. Well, sure, they sure accomplish that That Z been a whole lot easier since the bitch left town. Haven't we all felt that it sometimes is not a deep Have that feeling every day. It's an unfulfilled wish of mine is about. Well, I just can't. I'm going to cut you off before you go any further there? Yeah, you probably should. You don't need to go any further with that one. We got a boner fight coming up to determine boner of the day We got boner of the week after that's we got This magician Scott Sylvan coming up. We're going to talk to him. And all that and more on the way. Stand by, and now a message from the Utah Department of Workforce Services. If you're looking for a new career, there are job openings in Utah, and you can find the hottest jobs available at jobs dot Utah dot gob. Now there are a lot of I T jobs available their positions in software developer engineering sales representatives, computer support account executives, network engineers and architects. And they're now a lot of tech companies. And you know there are a lot of them in Utah. They're flourishing, and they they're looking for people so more than ever, technical jobs and skills are in demand. And there are new tech companies coming along all the time. And some of them will train you even if you say Well, I don't I just need a job and I want to work. They will train you and get you ready..

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