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Engineer. But I'm still just getting started on being a woman. Ceo I'm still getting started on you know Having a relationship right or I give advice for what I know. So far but I've only been with my fiance for four years versus someone who's done it for twenty five years you know so acknowledging that you know to have different people that you tap into for different reasons There's even people know where I'll have three or four mentors for the same thing but the house foreign different perspectives of people that you say that I respect their opinion but I know that they're giving different suggestions. Helps me get a better gauge? Rather than Oh you know. Susan's that I need to do this. And this is what I should do. And it's like well Susan said a little bit of this and Hector's at a little bit of this and he said I had suggested altogether a totally different suggestion. So kind of having that collectiveness you know. It takes a village. And that's why even know psychologists say it's important if you have two parents you know because they bring different perspectives to different humans. Raising one individual So you the Madigan tapping into different resources. Different mindsets Different people of experiences to help it give that advice or to help support. You need the and I think Again if we actually. I commend you for taking an hour a day for personal development. That that's awesome. I think that investing that timeline books on podcast and listening to Konkan like this a think of people like Rian and people that come to the show as your mentors and again the beauty of podcasts thing is the eve you're an introvert or maybe you're shy of reaching out to people like you is that Hey you don't want me to deal with that because I'm the one that brings people in so you don't think of me almost like a proxy for you like I as questions for you It and again. Is there anything else I forgot to ask you? That you wanted to mention anything else in your mind about being an ally how can be better allies for women in some? Yeah I think use made a great point of again like introvert or if you don't know what type of questions to ask Again obviously thank you for having me but this is exactly the type of things in these type of conversations that I feel are really necessary of why even created my own personal brands So almost like micro blogging on instagram. You know with the picture and just kind of what's going on what I'm facing like you said my own kind of conversations that I'm having with friends families my own personal mentors In so even just creating the people engineer. Podcast having a personal website Again having his youtube and facebook just kind of post it was it was just acknowledging that a lot of people started sharing nine of these SICOM Kind of conversations their expectation on started kind of seeing this women stem Hashtag grow and creating that online community and so again a lot of people that had questions. They'll ashamed or they weren't afraid of asking the wrong things I really to me and you and I know right like in the DMZ. I'd get blown up all the time and I'm by no means INSTA- famous and it's not you know what I'm showing. I'm shooting for Cycle of space to have these conversations. I'll never be once he condemn. Anyone say like how dare you asked that I just want people to feel safe To ask those questions for me personally. I'm really passionate about the life career and growth. Because I feel like a whole person you know. No one really gives us a hamburger life right how to be an adult to be successful how to make decisions how to even deal with our emotions In so kind of again being that whole person is very important and obviously love what you're doing with the gas and all the great you interviewed so again I just think it's having that story of again being allies simply supporting one another Again if you have insecurities or you have your own projections like really just dealing with what you're doing first and foremost obviously you and I both are here for those conversations for that type of community But again I just feel like. It's something that we shouldn't be afraid of I know that there's very such colour I WANNA say opposites oppositions happening in our world today and To my point again if you're coming from a place of good hearted intention you make your Wants and needs known of. Hey I want to learn more I don't think that there's anything wrong with that but again like you're you're mentioning earlier. Just be very conscious of how when and why you're asking on people obviously are wanting to come from a good place you Wanna learn and support each other But again just just be conscious of what you're doing how you're doing it And again just come from a place of love writing if you are very kind Coming from a place of of love and and wanting to be understood as well as understanding others. Don't really think there's any place you could go wrong you know. Maybe you could say something wrong or ask something different on a different way But again if you come from a place of I want to understand. I want to be better. No we're all growing we're all we've all made mistakes. So that kind of place of vulnerability and authenticity goes a long way awesome. A now we know where you are get people in Guinea Problem. So yeah we linked to your show day on the show notes or just check it out. Website all the thing. We'll do good stuff I know that you're putting out some great content out there so I definitely want people to find out more about it than who you are and what you do. The things. Thank likewise a very much appreciated. This effort has been wonderful to follow in participate in so I really appreciate all the great things. You're doing my pleasure. Thanks for coming to the show. Absolutely thank.

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