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With the the the financials natalie what what's going on with google elizabeth miss for them this quarter they you know they they reported earnings of of nine dollars and seventy cents per share which was not what people were explain what analysts wall street folks were expecting on their revenue came in at thirty two billion in some change you know it's it was a disappointing quarter for them airlines i again i you know i focus on on the youtube of it all they know break out a lot of the information about youtube but i can't help but feel like the issues that you to pad last year with advertiser concerns over brand safety uh probably impacted the more than they're willing to let on i'm curious with the receivers think about the other aspects of their business yummy night the youtube shooting who seems to make soon so i mean i think in a in a similar way to to facebook personality your if it's not even quite the right word but the sort of soft aspects of their brand kinda took a hit because bad behavior and uh it's i'd i'd i'd have spent a lot of time looking at the way gugel expresses its results would clearly uh youtube has been a generator of a lot of money for them but this has been a difficult year in i don't know that they've done anything that makes me think it's going to change they haven't come up with any sort of grand plan to make it better or of put a stake in the ground as far as this is what are you put our you to brand means and how we're going to make sure that we make it addressable all audiences including families so i i kinda wonder going forward what's the fix that's consent coordinating that google attributed a lot of their shortfalls this quarter to an increase in traffic acquisition costs so you know what they paid a apple to make sure that googlers the main search engine that you see you know so that's interesting and they kind of that rocked continued a climb to so it's is a complicated business although it's becoming less complicated because one of the things that's going on here is that i saw on analysts suggest this week i think was.

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