Jim Morton, Andres, Christie discussed on The Paul Finebaum Show


Career started going south how did that affect your relationship with jim morton yes so you know he he was really reliant on her famous excess and that was sort of that was sort of the linchpin for his his control over her and his ability to manipulate her because like andres was saying you know he he well well like christie said he held her career in the palm of his hand or at least she felt like he did and so you know shoes she's boxing and she's winning them both money and they both know all along that she's gay and that she's you know if if she revealed who she really was and if they broke up and she kind of lived the life she wanted to live christie was under the impression and i think she had some some real legitimacy and feeling this way that that would that would deal a blow to her career being being gay or being leslie at that time was not super popular and not super well received in athletics or in general in the public eye and so he sort of had this kind of like web of control wrapped around her where she couldn't really live her life the way she wanted to she couldn't be who she wanted to be and because she was winning and needed the money and he was like managing her life in and making sure that you know the money kept flowing in.

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