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Can't snap the ball consistently. It's a bad team. All their best players are on defense. But darnold regressed. His accuracy is getting worse bulls who I've said is the best coach with a losing record in the NFL. Either doesn't trust darnold or doesn't have a clever offense at bone in his body because Miami was there for the taking yesterday. It was we've moved past Brock Tober to Brock Vancouver. And he wasn't good and Adam gays was on the sideline during the games. Trying to figure out a play that will work for Miami. Darnold struggled. He looked lost. And. The jets are a mess where Colin was right said from day one chargers may outside of field goal kicker. They may have a better roster than the Rams. And after yesterday, I'll stay with that first of all their pass rushes better than the Rams their wide. Receiving corps. Believe it or not is better than the Rams. I think it's the best football. They're running back. Melvin Gordon is the best running back in the AFC. And unlike the Rams, they actually have a shutdown corner outside of field goal kicker. This may be the best roster in the league their fifteen and five since week five last year with their losses at Jacksonville at the Rams at New England at Kansas City, and they can't beat the chiefs. They are all by the way, they just cut their kicker Caleb Sturgis if you watch that game yesterday that is the least surprising thing in the NFL. The chargers just cut their kicker, which is the only weakness that. Football team has people say, well, you just like him 'cause you're in Los Angeles, watch the Vegas lines. They went on the road and dominated Seattle for three and a half hours. Forget that score. It was not that close where Colin was wrong. I never buy into the we the north thing for the raptors. But they've already beaten the Celtics they're seven no with Colli Leonard last night. They didn't play him. And they took a forty one to ten lead on a Laker team that had been in every game. Listen, man, they're deep their physical. They grind. I gotta give him credit when they beat the Celtics earlier this year has like while I watched them play the Sixers. The other night wasn't close was not competitive Toronto. I don't know how they're going to do in June. But they have not missed a beat in fact with Colli they looked better than last year where Colin was right. John gruden's now one in seven and it appeared on Thursday night. They quit it. Appears they quit. In fact. I know I'm right when people on the street now, we're coming up to me every day at the gas station or at restaurants say man, you're right about Jon Gruden listen..

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