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So here is this jeopardy experienced in the use of a devastating weapon up against this lumbering giant weighed down by a hundred pounds of armor and he's incredibly heavy weapons that are useful only in short range combat goliath is a sitting duck he's never chance right so why do we keep calling david an underdog and why do we keep referring to his victory as improbable the second piece of this that's important it's not just that we misunderstand david and his choice of weaponry it's also that we profoundly misunderstand goliath goliath is doc what he seems to be there's all kinds of hints of this in the biblical text things that are in retrospect arquit puzzling and don't square with his image as this mighty warrior so to begin with the bible says that goliath is led onto the valley floor by an attendant now that is weird right here is this mighty warrior going challenging the israelites to one on one combat why is he being led by the hand by some you know young boy presumably to the point of combat secondly the bible story makes special note of how slowly goliath moves another odd thing to say when you're describing the mightiest warrior known to man at that point right and then there's this whole weird thing about how long it takes goliath to react to the to the site of david so david's coming down the mountain and he's clearly not preparing for handtohand combat right there is nothing about him it says i'm about to fight you like this he's not even carrying a sword why does goliath not react to that is if he's at bolivia's to what's going on that day and then is this strained that strange comment he makes to david.

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