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I think Rendon could go for more than 52. Okay, I don't know, maybe you're right, maybe you're right. Because there's still the same amount of money going out there. So maybe he does go for a lot more. So right now I'm showing what can you guys see my spreadsheet? Yeah, I can see it. So basically I took a stab at guessing everyone's current roster right now in terms of going into auction. And what I'm showing for myself right here is actually what I would do. So there's no lie. Which is 12 players that equal a total of $88. But for all the listeners who can't see this, he's going to keep wander Franco. So just know that that. That is going down. Yes. For $2, yes. Oh shit. But I was just kind of curious, do I have this pretty close? For each of you. Right now. Jesus Christ. So to save everyone. The silence. I have Tim with Darvish bets Acuna water freed. Voight, welcome. And Nick cassianus. I can't wait for you to read my write up of the Luke voigt trade 'cause I really do like Luke Voight. But he wasn't gonna make my roster last year. He absolutely would have this year based on what happened in 2020. He was amazing. He was absolutely what I would want him to be. I mean, I bought him for a dollar. Yeah. In 2019, like he's $4 this year, so it wasn't like that was overlooked. For Jack right now I've got real Muto, which was a trade that I like for both gaur and Jack, Machado, Ozuna, on sixto Sanchez, Mackenzie gore, Josh bell, and Daniel cinematic. Is that about right Jack? Yeah. You're not missing anyone. I'm not sure if I'm gonna. Well, I think I keeping Joey Bart and Alex Carroll off. There are only two bucks a piece. And my turn is something. I'm not really sure about Ozuna though. Really? What a big year? Last year. Grant, I was only 60 games to your point. But it is $18, so I think that's fair. Yeah. I can see where he's kind of on the border. Yeah, and he kind of depends on what else I might be able to execute next few days. Yeah. For those of you wondering who I'm keeping at this point, Seeger, Suarez, Wheeler, Bieber, lazard, gallon, Alcantara, Tucker. Montez, ohtani, pitcher. Frank Al. For 88 bucks. I think mine is pretty close. I'll be really inclined to keep Castellanos if Yahoo allowed me to change my team name to a longer quote and I could put in the Tom Brennaman and that's a deep drive up to left. That's a home run by Castellanos for former leading them very sorry about my homophobic slur that I just use Bruce. I was watching that game live. It was unreal. Watching that whole game.

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