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The current process to deal with harassment claims which can drag on for months at taxpayer expense congressman spear thank you for joining us gregory rickman do you think congressman john conyers should resign i think can lead upper fighters ranking member of the judiciary while the ethics committee that could investigation they're all of the allegations turned out to be true absolutely he is violated probably a number of laws and certainly the ethics and the house but we don't know that for a fact and until we know that i think we have to allow someone to be presumed innocent until proven guilty last week congressman spear you said you newest to sitting members of congress is engaged in sexual harassment conyers was not one of them what do these allegations against in additional person against conyers tell you well it tells me what i've always thought uh uh the extent of sexual harassment uh in the halls of congress with much greater than it appeared so it is a proverb problem it exists in part because we have a system since 1995 now enable harassers that actually protective the harassers because the process the victim has to go through but so onerous and took so long and it required mandatory mediation and a mandatory nondisclosure agreements so everything was kept hushhush even to the extent that a settlement was breached it came out of a special fund in the us treasury and the harass it was never identified and.

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