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Bloomberg quick take this is Bloomberg radio A U.S. federal appeals court is temporarily blocking President Biden's vaccine mandate for large companies a three judge panel granted a stay Saturday freezing the administration's vaccine mandate for businesses with 100 employees or more The ruling comes after several Republican led states filed legal challenges over the rule The panel noted grave constitutional issues with the policy the mandate is set to take effect on the 4th of January Officials in Houston say they're asking tough questions to figure out what caused a stampede at the ASTRO world festival that left 8 people dead One as young as 14 Houston police chief Troy thinner Criminal investigation That's going to involve our homicide division as well as narcotics and we're going to get down to the bottom of it Officials are dressed allegations circulating online of someone in the crowd injecting people with drugs via a needle thinner confirmed a security officer who was administered Narcan felt a prick in his neck before going unconscious and medical staff confirmed seeing what appeared to be an injection marking Reports say a 16 year old boy has been charged in the murder of a high school Spanish teacher in Iowa is admitting that he helped to conceal her death Scott Carr reports It was messages on social media that led police to arrest 16 year old Willard Miller and another student Jeremy good Dale both have been charged as adults with first degree murder in the death of naema graeber whose body was found underneath a tarp a wheelbarrow and railroad ties at chautauqua park in Fairfield Iowa Tuesday Police say clothing with bloodstains were found in one of the suspect's homes Court documents reportedly say Miller admitted to police that he was at the park where the teacher was killed and that he helped cover up the crime The documents have not provided a possible motive I'm Scott Carr American Airlines is giving flight attendants who work during the holidays a one time pay raise The company announced in a memo the increased holiday pay comes after operational challenges during the Halloween weekend That's according to CNN I'm Brad Siegel After a year's hiatus because of the COVID-19 pandemic the New York City marathon returned Sunday for its 50th running David folk Thomas reports Some 33,000 runners will begin the 26.2 mile journey on the Staten Island side of the verrazano bridge before completing the course in Manhattan's Central Park near tavern on the green The first marathon taking place back in 1970 with 55 runners who registered in the 2019 race a record 53,627 runners crossing the finish line This year's field was paired back due to ongoing precautions regarding the coronavirus First Lady Joe Biden is spearheading a push to get parents to vaccinate their children against COVID-19 her office describes it as a national effort after final approval of the Pfizer COVID vaccine for children ages 5 to 11 The First Lady will kick off the campaign at a school in McLean Virginia on Monday Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is blasting what he calls a woke mob in his vaccination controversy Brian shook has more It was revealed this week the Green Bay Packers quarterback tested positive for COVID was not vaccinated and would be forced to sit out of this Sunday's game against Kansas City This despite saying months ago that he was immunized against the virus Rogers told the pat McAfee show he never lied and he found a long-term immunization protocol because he's allergic to an ingredient in two of the coronavirus vaccines I'm Brian schuck A Russian cosmonaut is now in charge of the International Space Station NASA's official change of command ceremony took place aboard the ISS Saturday with commander Thomas pasquet handing over responsibility to his Russian counterpart Pesquet and his crew are scheduled to undock from the space station Sunday to prepare for their return to earth on Monday morning I'm Brad Siegel And now this Bloomberg sports update Another busy Saturday around college football including a couple of upsets in the top ten none bigger than Purdue rolling number three Michigan state 40 to 29 Aidan O'Connell through for 536 yards and three touchdowns Meanwhile North Carolina preseason top 25 team that has struggled all year hand in every 9 way far as their first loss on the season 58 55 Tai Chandler ran for over 200 yards in four scores Top drink Georgia rolled Missouri 43 6 number two Alabama would stood LSU 20 to 14 Number four Oregon knocked off Washington 26 16 to three Ohio State escape Nebraska 26 17 Number 6 Cincinnati avoided a scare as they beat Tulsa 28 20 Michigan turned aside Indiana 29 7 tenth ranked Notre-Dame pulled away from navy 34 6 and TCU surprised number 12 Baylor 30 to 28 Fallout continues for Aaron Rodgers after the whole vaccination issue and whether or not he lied or skirted the lead protocols Rogers losing a sponsorship from a local healthcare provider He's been partnering with since 2012 Rogers discussed concerns about the vaccine and decided to try holistic medicine instead NBA blazer's president basketball operations nilo che is her reportedly under independent investigation concerning workplace misconduct and creating a hostile work environment How could the odets do nothing behind 24 C is from Ilya sorokin Anders Lee Brock Nelson Natalie's flames just punished the ranger 6 nothing while the Devils trail the sharks two one in the third Elsewhere Blackhawks are fired their head coach Jeremy Collins naming Derek king is their inter man after a one 9 and two start to the season Mads have extended the $18.4 million qualifying offer to both Michael conforto and Noah syndergaard They now have ten days to decide to take it or become free agents Boxing Canelo Álvarez an 11th round TKO of Caleb Plant becomes the first ever undisputed super middleweight champ and the Giants host the Raiders later today saquon Barkley has been ruled out for a fourth straight game to the ankle injury but Kenny gallaudet hopes to return after missing the last three weeks for the knee injury He's officially listed as questionable And that should Bloomberg sports update I'm Mark Bennett Bloomberg opinion informed perspectives and expert data driven commentary on breaking news The wealth of loomer companion on Bloomberg radio bring you news.

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