Rod Rosenstein, Washington, Deputy Attorney General discussed on Target USA Podcast by WTOP - Target USA -- Episode 88: Exclusive interview with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein


For for the good of the country oh deputy attorney general rod rosenstein it's great to have the opportunity to meet and sit down with you here in washington and we thank you so much today for your time and we wish you the best thank you very much into a meeting coming up in our next episode if you watched sixty minutes on sunday october twenty second you saw him his voice was disguised so was his face but his story was anything but disguise his name tamir how note he spent years as an undercover fbi moslem agent living amongst terrorist i am a muscle i am an american and i was serving my country for twenty two years and uncounted and i am uphold award these animals are dole to my country while desecrating my religion telomere elm laurie you heard him they're on sixty minutes in our next episode you'll hear him right here thank you for checking in with us follow us on twitter tango uniform sierra alpha podcast that's t usa podcast and if you have any thoughts about programmes send me an email at j green one word that's the letter j the color green at whisky tango oscar poppa jay green at wtop dot com i'm g gree and this his target the usa the national security podcast the podcast hosted by me thomas bobbled phoon is busy podcast dedicated to serial killers who they what they did and how join me as i sit down biweekly to bring huge banners and into the dark land afcd own murder and psychopathy vershow goes into graphic detail on the most infamous and lesser known serial killers from around the world with each episode covering one eurenew serial killer.

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