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All star, game was a good game I mean, the, baseball has, got to be happy Aaron. Judge know talk about a marketable star he's he's, not only. This great hitter is nice. Pleasant guy everybody says that about him. He has a home. Run Mike trout Gets on the. National stage hits a home run turned out to be a really good game. Started too late for my liking to too late I missed a. Lot of this stuff late in the game as we wake. Kind of, back and forth ended up being eight, six, American League, intimidate Josh hater is the. Milwaukee Brewers reliever and he did not have a, good all-star. Game and gave up four. Hits he gave up a three-run Homer That put the National League in a hole and I, guess what happened stats, is you know Josh hater is a. Twenty four year old and he's pitching in Milwaukee he's not a household name. By any means and maybe someone Sitting online, watching the games, Josh hater let me let me learn a little something about Josh ater and was able to. Go back, into this guy's Twitter history and found some really shocking stuff. From when Josh Hader was in high school and you know he's twenty four years old high school, wasn't that long high school with. A long time ago for me it's not that long ago when you're twenty four years. Old although obviously you mature a lot, between the, ages of seventeen and what he is now twenty four but they found. Some bad stuff and we've kind of gone, through this before Doc David Chen Zo had the big, game the, national championship game for Villanova ended up being the first round draft pick in the NBA but they found stuff that he had tweeted same thing when he was in high school Josh Allen you know. Didn't really I, don't think it affected Josh Allens draft status there was a lot of speculation over there would. I don't, think it did him by the Buffalo Bills and it's kind. Of a story that has gone away we'll take about it but they found stuff that Josh Allen, a tweet tweeted again when he. Was a nice school and for Josh hater It was racist liberal use of the n., word it, was he, he said. Quotes in directly in Twitter I hate gay people. That was misogynistic stuff there were references to cocaine. Use there was a there was a tweet where he invoked the KKK I mean it's it's bad it's really. Bad and I guess, in fairness to say he didn't go with the I was hacked excuse he's owned up to it a little bit After the game he apologize resist quote. You know, it was something. That happened about. Seventeen as a child I was immature and obviously said some things, that were inexcusable doesn't. Reflect who I am as a person today Doesn't respect his current beliefs when you're a kid you just tweet what's on your mind He said. He just came in his phone was blowing up there's no excuse for what was said I'm deeply sorry for, what I've said and had yet to address the issue with any of his, brewers teammates but, said he, planned to do so it's something they shouldn't, be involved in but being seventeen you know you make stupid decisions and, mistakes and said, I'm ready for, any consequences that will happen that happened for what happened seven years ago the deputy Commissioner Dan Halen. Said he had spoken to, hater baseball, will have would not have any comment before today so. On the, one hand you know we've. Been through this before, the kids in high school he's immature But I gotta believe there'd be some kind of penalty coming down the. Road for Josh hater question, is oh, absolutely how how hard are they gonna come down on. This end You know this is an ugly side of, Twitter, and. Social media and was this in all walks of life and I, it boggles, my. Mind how, somebody could, put something, out there even if you're seventeen. You know again seventeen is not you know ten I mean you're about you know he's about to become, a professional he's old enough to to do so you, get kids, get drafted when they're seventeen by, major league, baseball and you would think people would be smarter than, that you know when are people going to learn You know even if you. Have these, terrible, beliefs to keep, them to, yourself. Well that's, when he, said oh, you tweet what's on your mind..

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