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The car. He says otherwise. Things will be pleasant. Not and it's just you know you don't really know what the context is chilling about the casualness away says the i love that line so much and i think helen mirren character is so perfect because i feel like we still have those kind of entitled hipster trust fund kids. Who have this sort of attitude of. I'm just gonna wander round and make art and her. She has his one line. That i love so much where she basically tells him that. He's like fashioned conservative because he cares about money and he cares about making money and her Her response to him as something. Like if you want something you just go out and take it well. Thank you trump child or grandchild. I love the father is concerned about her either. Is it on some frightfully busy. And he asked she asks. Are you a psychiatrist. This is i. Can i question when he gets out of jail. After taking this fall he justice. Oh beatific it is like. He took that the ludovico treatment. And is just. So you know happy about things and hanging out with the salvation army band and trying to talk the woman at a committing suicide. That part is so funny though. Apparently you couldn't see that for a lot of years like they cut out an entire reel film like i think it was real nine was just taken out when they had to make the movie shorter well and i also love that moment where peter. Jeffrey comes back yet again. As the prison warden. Who gives him a book of philosophy and tells him that. I don't i i can't figure out if he's trying to hit on him or what's going on but he tells him he has is just like steve mcqueen and then kisses him in hawaii. I believe that was a remark by pulling kale. I think in a review if they just took stray from that i think now i think he felt happy about that. That comparison so i just put it in the script him hilarious. I had no idea. But in the strangest strategist character to give it to the original like they could have given it to any one of the female characters that openly hit on him or that he kisses or has sex with but now it's the prison warden lindsay anderson. I love that when he gets out of prison. He's getting out of prison with the same characters slash actors question mark that all were in who all in that coffee class including poor. He's always kind of like on. The receiving end of everything makes sense. That he's the holidays. Headship down the toilet in prison as well. Probably i mean. That's a shame. We didn't get to see that sequence. But i also i love that. His little desk with all of the books in prison is kind of reminiscent of their desks in f- while i love that To jump to the end a little bit. I love that when he ends up being in the movie a lucky man or trying out for it that they give them a machine gun and all kinds of school books. I'm just like okay. That's definitely a nod. If right there. I can't imagine this ending a better way like it although it's weird because so for anyone who hasn't seen it a like. Mike said he stumbles he. You know he's been through all of these ordeal he's been assaulted and he's sort of like stumbles into this casting call for the movie. Oh lucky man. Where lindsay anderson is an actor playing himself basically and then it just becomes a big cast party so it like in a weird way. It feels like this should be the last film of lindsay anderson's career or should maybe be the last film in the trilogy or something because it has this like weird celebratory note of. I don't even know it. Just i i love it. And i was saying before we started recording that i forgot that the basically the first thing to happen once the sort of film itself ends and they go into the kind of meta party ending is lindsay anderson. Walks forward and gives malcolm mcdowell the biggest hug and it just like it makes you tear up. A little bit is up before after belts him about the head with script. Okay but just that whole smile now. Smile i beg your pardon smile. Why just do it. I'm afraid i can't smile without a reason. Smile smile about just do it. Why don't ask why. What's the the smile about that back and forth between the actor and the director it. Just the tone. What is there to smile about it's on big dismantle that day that instruction to smile. I believe the intention was that it was like this. Zimbabwe was meant to reflect this moment of realization. That you know happiness depends on how.

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