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Not respecting alec smith's ability to throw out on the field and for one reason or another he didn't one of those games it with a win situation another one ah you just really played poorly they were stacked the boxer there was a lot of uh especially from buffalo just giving cream hot no room to run at all and the chiefs came out aggressively with the new play caller for most of the game they did still a anti recall at least one play mad third and like eighteen inches and they try to throw pastor left tackle fultz for most of the game they beya they had a good game plan just throw the ball down the field and attacked you got tirade kill i don't know that we've really seen how good tie rikkyo could be if somebody would just throw him multiple deep balls ever again yeah he had a great game for sure and then i just think that with alec smith go ahead and look at his game augin every single time he's had a good match up he's done well except for two times two very recent times the giants game it's worth seven points and the bills game but the bill turns out they don't give up a lot of penalty points quarterbacks tom brady had a terrible game today and for fantasy and the giants game was twenty five mph winds so i don't know maybe was an overreaction but we can talk about it again next week when he faces oakland and other good match up but it is at home are your other winter jamie was another alex alice god started a week alex cowan salves smith was third in thirty seven percent of leagues alex collins was started in only sixty five percent of leaks people what are you tell him he had a huge game he had two touchdowns he had 75 rushing yards 23 receiving are you pumped about alice collins rest of season i think you have to be i mean this is now three games are over he scored he could have had potentially four touchdowns if they had given them the two red zone touchdowns a joe flaco to red zone opportunities a joke with through the earlier touchdowns to open the the the game so a little bit nervous after that happened because this my luck this year but you know outcomes go through.

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